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Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers


Magico Ultimate III - $700,000

Magico Ultimate III - $700,000

For a pair of Magico Ultimate III, they ask for 700 thousand dollars, and five-way systems with horn design are hidden in aluminum cases with a height of 230 centimeters. They reportedly require 10 amplifiers, and in terms of technical innovation, it is worth noting that a highly sensitive compression driver is located in the throat of each horn.

In addition to CNC-machined horns, each speaker is equipped with six ALE compression drivers and four custom-made mid/bass and bass drivers, signaled by a DSP-controlled active crossover. They weigh about half a ton each, and the production time is 18 months. Consider both of these factors when placing an order.

Magico Ultimate III - $700,000

A brand that has been confirmed for the past 33 years by the difference from other Hi-End Shows in the world. First of all, it is a place for global manufacturers and distributors to meet to learn and exchange information, and also a place for the press, audiophiles, and audio players to experience new products directly. Most recently launched or about to be released on the market, there are even some products that only appear at the exhibition.

Magico Ultimate III - $700,000

Magico Ultimate Mk III speaker is a super product line

Alon Wolf, one of the very few talented designers of the Magico Ultimate Mk III Speaker today, has spared no expense in using aircraft-grade, very thick anodized aluminum for the entire Magico Ultimate III speaker system and especially the front of the speaker is made from block aluminum up to 10cm thick! Magico Ultimate III is a 5-way speaker and only the bass driver (bass driver) is not a trumpet, all the remaining 4 drivers are horn speakers.

With all 5 drivers, but  Magico Ultimate Mk III Speaker shows great harmony, with a smooth, beautiful sound like when we enjoy the famous pair of Magnepan Planar, Apogee curtain speakers... one of the unforgettable impressions when listening to Magico Ultimate. The Ultimate III's 4-speaker Traxtrix horn driver system has lower noise than the round mouth trumpet. With the square throat of the Tractrix design, the Magico Ultimate III has very high accuracy, and the dynamics of the midrange are significantly increased. Magico Ultimate III is paired with the Pass Lab amplification system.


Driver Complement:

1 x 1" horn-loaded tweeter

1 x 6" horn-loaded upper midrange

1 x 20” horn-loaded lower midrange

1 x 12” horn-loaded Midbass

1 x 15” Woofer, coupled with a 4,000-watt amplifier

Sensitivity: 114dB

Impedance:16 Ohms

Frequency Response:



■ Height: 94" (238 cm)

■ Width: 18" (footprint) - 48" (top) (45/122 cm)

■ Depth: 42" (footprint) - 65" (top) (106/165 cm)

■ Weight: 1100 lbs. each (499 kg)