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 Acoustic Energy AE509 is a slimline floorstanding loudspeaker with compact dimensions ideal for medium to large sized rooms. Like the AE500, the AE509 offers a higher performance and finish than the 300 Series.

It features newly developed carbon fibre tweeters and mid/bass drivers designed to match the pistonic precision of the legendary ceramic aluminium drivers with enhanced self-damping for a smoother, more pure sound.


The slimline cabinet is finished in Piano Black, Piano White or American Walnut wood veneer. Solid Aluminium bars ensure rigid floor-coupling and top stability whilst the stiffness of the metal structure reduces interaction between the room and speaker.

These patented drivers are held in new 18mm RSC cabinets evolved from the Reference Series with the same constrained layer composite to greatly minimise cabinet acoustic radiation.


The tweeter incorporates a brand new 25mm carbon fibre dome which is lighter and better damped than other conventional hard dome materials and grants a lightning fast, natural sound that is sure to surprise the listener with its neutrality.

The new cast aluminium WDT waveguide is close to the mid/bass driver for top dispersion and is extremely rigid to lower vibration being passed to the tweeter for sweet, clear and natural highs.


The 125mm mid/bass driver has a new oversized 35mm voice coil for minimal thermal compression and ultra high motor force factor to deliver a highly dynamic yet controlled bass response. The woofer has a maximised motor and suspension system for superior linearity and least distortion for mid-range definition whilst the lightweight carbon fibre cone material enhances transient speed and clarity.


The dual-way crossovers utilise high voltage polypropylene film wound capacitors and air core inductors at key positions for superior dispersion through a more compact acoustic source within the crossover region.



Driver: 125mm carbon fibre cone 

Tweeter: 25mm carbon fibre dome

Freq Range: 32–28k Hz (+/-6dB)

Sensitivity: 89dB

Peak SPL: 115dB

Power Handling: 175W

Crossover Freq: 560Hz /3.1kHz

 Impedance: 6ohms

Design: 2 way

Grilles: Slim, cloth magnetic fit

Dimensions (HWD): 1000 x 185 x 270mm

Weight: 22kg (each)




Recently, an irresistible desire arose to write about the wonderful in all respects French acoustics Focal Aria, its full versions. More than a year ago, I conducted a detailed test of the 948th model, which my old client, and now a very good friend, had the good fortune to acquire. The task was as follows - to select floor-standing speaker systems for almost all genres and not to want to buy a subwoofer later. A room of 40 square meters. Ceilings - 3m high. A rectangular room, closed, not overcrowded, I would say - an ordinary room. Signal sources - Apple Mac Air connected to M2Tech Young DSD DAC, Cary Audio 500 CD-player, two amplifiers: Accustic Arts Power ES and Sim Audio Moon 340i. First they connected to Moon, then to Acoustic Arts. The difference is not significant, in my opinion .. Cable - TelluriumQ black II. Hayrez was used for the test - compositions by jazz performers, classical rock, a little classics, Emma Shaplin, disco of the 80s; CDs were presented by such ensembles as Dimmu Borgir, AHAB, Helloween, Atrocity, My Dying Bride, UDO. We even plugged in a Music Hall 5.3se turntable once and listened to the Kreator - Endless Pain record, released in the 83rd year of the last century. Germany.

Now, briefly about the acoustics itself. Made very soundly in France. Non-parallel side panels made of high density MDF, leather front and back panels, tempered glass top. The speaker cones are made of a half-millimeter layer of woven linen fibers, glued on both sides with thin layers of fiberglass. Squeaker made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, dome-concave. Bass reflex ports - one at the front, one at the bottom, directed to the floor. The set includes aluminum stands with adjustable legs. The speakers had to be twisted a little in place, in the end they took the optimal position for themselves, in which they turned out to be slightly turned towards each other. When listening, I immediately felt emotionality, openness, detail, the scene is being drawn ideal - all the musicians are in their places. One feels lightness and airiness, the vocal parts are excellent (this can be attributed to all Fokals starting with the Aria line - for sure). The bass is collected, not slack. I didn't want to finish listening at all. We started early in the morning and finished late in the evening with a short break for a hike for soft drinks)). One can and should also note the complete absence of monitor sound, but, on the contrary, a completely unobtrusive coloration in the entire range, which in the end we really liked. The heavyweight played dynamically, with a fast and dense chest serve. Disco recordings, which have some defects in the recording, absolutely did not demonstrate these very shortcomings. Emma Shaplin sang and poured balm on the soul with her unsurpassed performance. Misa Criolla - Kyrie performed by Jose Carreras sounded like I had never heard before. The choral performance was also very pleasing. We listened with pleasure to the Cathedral Children's Choir from Sweden.


Conclusion: wonderful acoustics from France in excellent stylish performance, suitable for most genres and trends in music.

More small clarifications. Speaker cable connection - single wire. The 936 has a bass reflex port - two forward and one down. The price for the model in varnish is higher.

Lohengrin IIS


Lohengrin IIS

The Lohengrin is a two-cupboard, floor-standing, four-way, bass-reflex amplifier having a place with Verity's lengthy reach series. The top bureau includes an underlying house and restrictive strip tweeter, a wide-range midrange and a strong lower-midrange. The base bureau houses a huge scope and great bass-reflex aft woofer. The two cupboards are detached by a strong aluminum stage combined with exceptional elastomers and the base cupboard is floor-coupled by means of Verity's Mechanical and Airborne Sound Isolation System (MASIS). The Lohengrin displays an astounding 95 dB SPL 1 watt/1 meter affectability and acquires from the best Verity Audio advances

Lohengrin IIS

Dots in a row

The inflexible plan of the Lohengrin IIS is the aftereffect of a quarter century of earnest obligation to amplifier research. Verity has planned all drive units, including the extraordinary unadulterated strip, which is worked without any preparation in-house. The plan of the bureau isn't just outwardly shocking: it likewise gives an optimal acoustic climate to the unprecedented drive units. Most importantly, the Lohengrin II conveys a remarkable equilibrium of detail, elements, and by and large musicality. It is really an awe-inspiring phenomenon.


2″ (50 mm) unadulterated aluminum lace tweeter

6" (150 mm) doped polypropylene midrange with 2" (50 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor

9" (229 mm) doped polypropylene lower-mid with 3" (76 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor

15″ (380 mm) doped polypropylene woofer with 4" (100 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor


5 watts (8 ohms)


95 dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1 meter on-hub


8 ohms ostensible/4 ohms least

Aspects W X D X H

19.1 x 23.5 x 62.6"/(485 x 596 x 1590 mm)


500 lbs (227 kg)/pair



"Picture HiFi", Germany—Lohengrin IIS is explored by Uwe Kirbach