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Beats By Dre and Graff Diamond $1 million Headphones

Beats By Dre and Graff Diamond $1 million Headphones

With the goal of attracting new customers, the concept of a devastating partnership was born between two high-profile brands: the world-famous and recognized London-based Graff Diamonds and Beats by Dr. Dre.

To bring the fruits of Graff and Beats' collaboration to life, a product unlike any other has been developed: the extraordinary pair of Beats by Dr. Dre worth $1 million, which has 112 carats of Graff diamonds.

The guiding principle behind this creative strategy was that each brand is credible in a growing market: for Graff, Beats represented a partner that could help the jewelry company gain access to potential buyers in the sports and entertainment markets; For Beats, the partnership with Graff was the basis for entering the ultra-luxury market.

no one knows how the $1 million Beats by dr. dre and Graff Diamonds sound, and there,s no mention of their sound anywhere, if you know one please let me know in the comment section. But how gorgeous they look is the moment that deserves special interest.

For the first time, these expensive headphones in the world "saw the light" on the head of the lead singer of the LMFAO group, during a colorful performance with madonna.

Price on YAFA Jewels - $750,000


Top High-End Audio Speakers.

Top High-End Audio Speakers.

Top High-End Audio Speakers.

In terms of Home Theater

Hi-Fi class audio systems are devices that reproduce high-quality sound. They will give new impressions of listening to music or watching your favorite movie on a computer, TV or in a car (however, not all acoustics are suitable for a car). Below is a selection of the best home audio systems in 2022.

1. Device location. First of all, they determine the place where the acoustics will be installed. Today the market is dominated by 2 types: floor and shelf (or wall). Floor-standing acoustics, as a rule, have a massive body and large radiators that produce powerful sound with fat bass. Bookshelf speakers are compact and do not take up much space in the room. They are inferior to floor models in terms of power, but they reproduce detailed sound.

2. acoustic type. Speakers are active and passive. Inside the first there is an amplifier, so they are ready for use immediately after switching on. This results in savings. But due to the fact that the developer puts both speakers and electronics in one case, the sound quality often suffers. For passive acoustics, you need to additionally buy an external amplifier. Although it is expensive, but in this way the user gets more opportunities for pumping the audio system.

3. Number of lanes. In theory, the more "highly specialized" speakers, the better. However, crossovers distribute the signal between them, and in many ways their quality and tuning accuracy affect the purity of the reproduced audio. Therefore, two-way or three-way acoustics is optimal.

4. Smooth frequency response. The smoother the frequency response, the clearer the music sounds across the entire frequency range. It is unlikely that anyone wants to buy a speaker, in which the upper frequencies are overwhelmed, and the bottoms are pulled up. Frequency response is indicated by manufacturers or in publications conducting such tests.

5. column power. The power of acoustics should not be lower than the power of the amplifier. Otherwise, when you try to raise the volume to the maximum, the speakers will begin to wheeze. In addition, when choosing power, the installation location of the column is also taken into account. For example, if you need to pump the hall with music at a concert or organize a disco, you need a powerful model. Conversely, it makes no sense to buy 400-watt acoustics for a small apartment.

TOP 12: Best Speakers for Home - Ranking 2022

Top High-End Audio Speakers.

12. Yamaha NS-F150

Yamaha NS-F150
The rating opens with high-quality Hi-End-class home acoustics from the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. This two-way model has a total output of 100W, a sensitivity of 88dB and an extended frequency range of 37-30,000Hz. This makes the Yamaha NS-F150 the perfect instrument for the audiophile. The bass is soft and rich, the mids are expressive, and the highs are transmitted clearly and without distortion.

Location floor
Type of acoustics Passive
Purpose hi-fi
Peak power 100 W
Frequency range 37-30000 Hz
Sensitivity 88 dB
Impedance 6 ohm
The weight 11.2 kg