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Dear readers and listeners! Another audition took place. Totem Acoustic Arro connected to Copland CTA 405A, source - Bryston BCD-3, cable - TelluriumQ BlackII (acoustic), interconnect - TelluriumQ RCA Black.

Why Copland, you ask? Because this locomotive can handle any acoustics! This miracle from Denmark will not be outplayed by anything up to 600,000 rubles. - that's for sure!!! At a cost of something 320,000 rubles!

Material ... I immediately decided "Breaking Bad" - included My Shameful - Hollow (Doom / Death Metal) ..

I was shocked. Although the manufacturer recommends running them in at a low volume for several tens of hours, they started playing with us right away. Those. with time it will undoubtedly be much better !! Where did that come from? What is the Canadian miracle? With dimensions (these are floor stands !!!) 130/850/180 (w / h / d). These are crumbs! And they play like adult floor players! If you associate with boxing - this is a teenager Tyson! Handsome, drummer, character!

Made in Canada, 5-year warranty, virtually impossible to kill. The picture is three-dimensional, the loudspeakers are omnidirectional, the scene was drawn immediately. I have played the disc once, I leave another room to restart it, and what do I hear? The sound is different! Room 60 m2 !! filled with a powerful, energetic, meaty sound. Details appeared that I had not heard on this disc before. Now the working day will begin - I will turn on Organ Treasures)) ... But I had a good time !!

By the way, they, or rather their bulk body. You can make the systems heavier if it seems that they lack stability, although they work with a bang even without filling! Price per pair: 165 791 rubles. (black and Mahogany), 184 360 rubles. (Cherry or Maple), 192 318 rubles. - white. Totem Acoustic is a cult brand! Piece goods! The fact that this is High End is absolutely EXACTLY !!!! In the deepest sense! And because a person will not need anything else.  



Totem Arro is aimed directly at the soul of the listener. The Arro's strong low range, richness of overtones and perfectly tuned phase convey the very essence of the music. With its ultra-slim design, the attractive and versatile Arro loudspeaker is aesthetically pleasing to any décor.

The Arro's omnidirectional sound violates the laws of physics with its extremely extended low range and "holographic" sound image. If you are interested in authentic sound that is not limited by space and time, then check out the enhanced beauty of Totem Arro.


Ultra-thin design and aesthetic compactness Specially modified proprietary speakers Ability to mount close to the wall with the back panel Absolutely surreal "holographic" soundscape. Available in exotic veneer (Veneer) or multi-layer polyester (Design).



Excellent extended low range and correct phase response
Hand-assembled chassis
45 degree
sidewall connections with Mitra lock Ultra-expensive borosilicate damper
Advanced exclusive crossover (wall mount) with integrated bi-wiring.


time: 100 - 150 hours
Distance from rear panel to wall: 6 "- 3 '/ 15 - 90 cm
Speaker spacing: 2 '- 12' / 60 - 365 cm
Mass load (weight): 10 - 20 lb / 4.5 - 9 kg per cabinet
Frequency range: 40 Hz - 20 kHz ± 3dB (when properly positioned in the room)
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 87 dB
The recommended input power 20 - 80 watts
frequency crossover: 2.4 kHz filter 2nd order Linkwitz Riley (optimized)
MF / woofer: 4.5 "/ 114 mm" sandwich "of the cone, double magnet
tweeter: 0.75 "/ 19 mm impregnated fabric dome (low resonance frequency)
Maximum SPL: In a medium sized room (12 'x 20' / 4 x 6 m) 103 dB peak from a pair at 7 '/ 2 m
Dimensions (w x h x d): 5.1 x 33.5 x 7.1 "/ 130 x 850 x 180 mm

Break-in: The loudspeakers require the first few tens of hours of music playback to be devoted to the break-in period of moving parts. During this time, refrain from setting the volume to high. notice a definite gradual improvement in the connectivity of play as the end of the running-in period only a good attitude to the speaker users such as yourself will help uncover Arro real sound ....

The load weight (weighting): All Totem floor standing models perform well without weights. However, if there are stability issues, or if there are any peculiarities when playing bass in a particular room, then experimenting with weights might make sense. Variables such as electronics, connections, and room décor play a defining role and should be the primary focus of your experiments. For mass loading, you can use: clean dry sand, silicate sand, other dry solids, or even odorless kitty litter.

Directivity: Since all Totem loudspeakers have omnidirectional sound, they usually do not need directional orientation. The picture will be played fairly stable from anywhere in the room (in front of the listener). If the loudspeaker is located far to the side (over 2 meters) or the room simply does not allow the loudspeaker to be placed in front of the listener, then small experiments with its orientation can be of some benefit ...

As Steophifile magazine wrote about Totem: We take off our hats to Vince Bruzzese (main engineer and developer), how could he achieve such deep and low bass from such small speakers!