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Lohengrin IIS


Lohengrin IIS

The Lohengrin is a two-cupboard, floor-standing, four-way, bass-reflex amplifier having a place with Verity's lengthy reach series. The top bureau includes an underlying house and restrictive strip tweeter, a wide-range midrange and a strong lower-midrange. The base bureau houses a huge scope and great bass-reflex aft woofer. The two cupboards are detached by a strong aluminum stage combined with exceptional elastomers and the base cupboard is floor-coupled by means of Verity's Mechanical and Airborne Sound Isolation System (MASIS). The Lohengrin displays an astounding 95 dB SPL 1 watt/1 meter affectability and acquires from the best Verity Audio advances

Lohengrin IIS

Dots in a row

The inflexible plan of the Lohengrin IIS is the aftereffect of a quarter century of earnest obligation to amplifier research. Verity has planned all drive units, including the extraordinary unadulterated strip, which is worked without any preparation in-house. The plan of the bureau isn't just outwardly shocking: it likewise gives an optimal acoustic climate to the unprecedented drive units. Most importantly, the Lohengrin II conveys a remarkable equilibrium of detail, elements, and by and large musicality. It is really an awe-inspiring phenomenon.


2″ (50 mm) unadulterated aluminum lace tweeter

6" (150 mm) doped polypropylene midrange with 2" (50 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor

9" (229 mm) doped polypropylene lower-mid with 3" (76 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor

15″ (380 mm) doped polypropylene woofer with 4" (100 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor


5 watts (8 ohms)


95 dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1 meter on-hub


8 ohms ostensible/4 ohms least

Aspects W X D X H

19.1 x 23.5 x 62.6"/(485 x 596 x 1590 mm)


500 lbs (227 kg)/pair



"Picture HiFi", Germany—Lohengrin IIS is explored by Uwe Kirbach