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$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

Magico M6

The well-known manufacturer of uncompromising loudspeakers, Magico, of its “M” range with the Magico M6 floor-standing loudspeakers. According to the manufacturer, the speakers raise the bar of sound to a whole new level.

The Magico M6 floor standing speakers are the culmination of the development of the "M" series of speakers, first introduced to the public in 2014. One of the features of the speakers is a monolithic carbon fiber cabinet combined with aerospace materials and technologies. This hull design achieves a strength-to-weight ratio of 60 while reducing overall weight by 50% and reducing external dimensions by 30% without compromising internal volume. The curved outer and inner walls of the housing help to minimize internal standing waves and eliminate external diffraction.

The four solid aluminum blanks used to make the exterior surfaces are specially machined to produce curved surfaces without corners. A thick internal aluminum baffle holds the drivers securely, while 10 special rods tighten the front and rear panels, further increasing the rigidity of the structure.

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview
image credit: Magico Auido

Zero diffraction allows sound waves to travel more naturally and eventually "dissolve" into the listening room. The shape of the front panel provides not only the aesthetic appeal of the model but also facilitates the seamless integration of all drivers. The specially designed three-point MPOD base plate ensures maximum stability of the loudspeakers.

The back of the midrange driver is equipped with a special horn-shaped chamber made of hard carbon fiber. The shape of the chamber provides efficient dissipation and attenuation of standing waves without the need for a large number of damping materials.

The Magico M6 uses an improved version of the revolutionary tweeter traditionally used in the "M" line. The 28mm beryllium diaphragm has a diamond coating and an optimized geometry calculated using the most advanced modeling tools. The physical properties of beryllium made it possible to increase the diameter of the diaphragm to 28 mm, which, together with the new acoustic chamber located behind the dome, brings the tweeter sound as close as possible to the theoretical ideal.

The new 6" midrange driver used in the M6 ​​features a graphene cone that is 30% lighter and 300% stiffer than its predecessors. At the heart of the magnetic system is a massive neodymium magnet and stabilizing magnets, allowing a stable magnetic field of 1.7 Tesla to be obtained in a 15 mm air gap. The voice coil is made of titanium. Unprecedented assembly accuracy is ensured by the use of the latest 3D laser scanning techniques. This allows you to optimize the performance of each speaker in its assigned frequency range and minimize deviations from the precise piston movement. The suspension of the midrange driver provides stable cone travel within +/- 6mm, which allows you to reproduce mid-range frequencies up to 120 dB with virtually no distortion.

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview
image credit: Magico Auido

Three new 10.5-inch speakers with cellular carbon and graphene drivers are responsible for reproducing full and deep bass. Just as with the Q7 loudspeakers, special attention has been paid to the elimination of eddy currents that occur in the metal elements of the speaker magnet system. By creating chaotic magnetic fields, eddy currents provoke the movement of the voice coil and, as a result, distortion. A powerful magnet system effortlessly drives a 5" titanium voice coil with a total journey of one inch. The branded crossover (Elliptical Symmetry Crossover) uses Mundorf components from Germany.

Magico M6 Price.

For questions about the model range, availability, listening, and purchase of Magico Speakers.

Magico m6 Specifications.

Type of
floor acoustics
carbon fiber
Acoustic design
closed case
M Series
Country (main office)
Guarantee period
1 year
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, kg
Tweeter size, in inches
Midrange speaker size, in inches
Woofer size, in inches
Type of tweeter
Type of midrange speaker
Woofer type
Tweeter Material #1
Midrange material
carbon fiber
Woofer material
carbon fiber
Screw, standard
Number of tweeters
Minimum frequency, Hz
Number of speakers
Maximum frequency, Hz
Resistance, Ohm
Sensitivity, dB/W/m
Number of lanes

Minimum recommended power, W
30 Watts

Driver Complement:
1 x 1.10" (2.794cm) Diamond-Coated Beryllium Dome Tweeter
1 x 6” (15.24cm) XG Nanographene Cone Midrange
3 x 10.5” (26.67cm) XG Nanographene Cone Bass

Sensitivity: 91dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Minimum Recommended Power:
30 watts
57"H x 26"D x 20W
(143cm x 66cm x 51/38cm)

Weight: 390 lbs. (177kg)

børresen 01 loudspeakers

børresen 01 silver supreme edition loudspeakers


From AUD $51,000.00

Statement 2-Way Monitor Stand Mount Speaker


børresen 01 silver supreme edition loudspeakers


The BØRRESEN 01 speaker is a top notch 2-way speaker that has re-characterized what is feasible to accomplish with a stand mounted screen plan. Its remarkable strip tweeter and the imaginative film of the low-weight bass/mid-range driver ensures a straightforward and legitimate melodic presentation projected onto a daily existence like stage.
The novel advancements carried out in the 01 outcome in another worldview in the statement of detail and data. Moreover, the sound is free and over the top to the extent that it believes it is being made by an enormous full scale floor stander. There's a feeling of delivery and ease with this speaker that frequently stuns audiophiles who have had assumptions shaped by experience with more seasoned innovations. The 01 unfurls its fair and refined musicality effortlessly. A reasonable and undistorted unique sonic presentation coming to from the upper pitches to the lower bass confer any music with an extraordinary realness.
The bureau is painstakingly planned by BØRRESEN and worked by Italian craftsmans to mentor building levels of value. The creative plan of the bureau and the stand transform this amplifier into an ideal combination of remarkable musicality formed into a piece of workmanship. The BØRRESEN 01 addresses the apex of stand mount screen speaker plan.
The Tweeter
The BØRRESEN planar strip tweeter is an altogether new specialized turn of events. Elaborate limited component strategies have been applied to linearise and improve the attractive transition field, to work with driver development and to guarantee high proficiency and remarkable linearity. The effectiveness of this shut strip tweeter adds up to an uncommon 94dB and works from roughly 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is very low at 0.01 grams. The completely covered tweeter has the ability to work at an amazing rate, which is a flat out essential to opening the most inconspicuous and refined sound subtleties of any sort of music. The tremendous strength of this tweeter permits it to deal with incredibly high transient tops with no ear exhausting separations. No transformers are being utilized.

Borresen tweeter

The Membrane

The BØRRESEN film comprises of a composite of two layers of extremely slim carbon on the two sides of a 4 mm Nomex honeycomb center. This composite design (like the one utilized in Formula 1 hustling vehicles) gives a definitive mix of solidness to weight proportion. The uncommonly low weight of just 5.5 grams permits an exceptionally high speed increase factor in the driver, bringing about both remarkable goal and higher effectiveness

børresen 01 silver supreme edition loudspeakers

Bass/midrange – The Iron-Free Revolution

The protected BØRRESEN magnet framework is kicking off something new. Its novel, imaginative and remarkable innovative plan makes it stand apart from anything more on the amplifier market. Since the innovation of the amplifier driver, the basic design of magnet frameworks has not changed. Iron has been utilized to think the attractive motion in a limited hole where the voice-curl is found. Iron is appropriate for the centralization of motion, yet additionally represents some provoking issues with regards to the voice-curl boundaries. These boundaries additionally change with the place of the voice-loop, making impressive iron bending.

The BØRRESEN magnet engine is kicking off something new here. It is particularly planned without the utilization of any iron. 4 restricting neodymium ring-magnets are utilized to press the motion lines together north of two strong copper circles, which presently carry on like pole pieces.

The BØRRESEN magnet framework has a high transition of 1.1 Tesla. The strong copper post rings go about as extremely successful hotness sinks. This supplies the amplifier driver with an exceptionally high power taking care of limit. The copper post rings likewise diminish voice-loop inductance to an extraordinarily low worth of 0.04 MH (under 10% of normal standard drivers). The amazingly low enlistment furnishes the driver for certain entirely beneficial characteristics that lift the nature of acoustic execution tremendously. A much lower acceptance implies a lot quicker driver with no slack. This effects the general amplifier execution which presently turns out to be significantly more refined and extremely nitty gritty. Lower acceptance additionally causes less reverberation impedance variety, which implies less stage points and less impedance variety for the driving speaker. Lower enlistment will likewise control the impedance ascend over framework resonances. As far as musicality, this will bring about bass that is less 'boomy' however considerably more unblemished. Bass execution turns out to be extremely close, very much engaged and all the more genuine world.

The Crossover

BØRRESEN amplifiers are fitted with a chronic hybrid setup. The justification for this is that the drivers share exactly the same progression of electric momentum in the hybrid district. Thus, the electric flow is stage locked over the hybrid district.
børresen 01 silver supreme edition loudspeakers

Not at all like standard equal separating, where every driver accepts its own recurrence and stage content, the new chronic channels work by redirecting out-of-band flows around the momentum streams, hence making a significantly more rational framework. This unmatched and inventive innovative methodology brings your music into another echelon of acoustic enjoyment.

For the hybrid channel, BØRRESEN took incredible measures to source the absolute best and most complex best in class parts. The curls are foil types twisted with paper segregation and impregnated with gum under vacuum to make them precisely incredibly strong and stable. For hybrid capacitors, BØRRESEN use varieties of little military spec stack-foil types. They have the best mechanical dependability and most reduced enlistment of a capacitor available (and they sound brilliant, as well). For tweeter constriction resistors, BØRRESEN utilize metal strip types since they have the most reduced commotion figures (by a long shot) and an extremely low warm variety.

The Cabinets

The cupboards are vigorously supported, block processed, compacted wood structures, wonderfully veneered in pecan and fitted with strong pecan embeds. They follow the best of Danish furniture plan customs matched with the trendy shapes that were at first made by the late Franco Serblin from Sonus Faber. The tweeter segment is vented to adjust the development of pneumatic force. The bass segments comprise of tuned ports adjusted for musically applicable frequencies.

The Feet

Ansuz Darkz decouplers have been intended to guarantee an unmistakably better mechanical establishing of the speaker cupboard to the stand as well as to the floor. Ansuz Darkz comprise of 3 circles isolated by 3 titanium metal balls. Ansuz Darkz are accessible in 4 combinations that take into account diverse sonic degrees of establishing characteristics

Versions and Pricing

The 01 comes in three variants – Standard, Cryo and the Silver Supreme Edition (recorded independently)

The standard rendition is AUD 51,000 and the Cryo form is AUD 54,400.

børresen 01 silver supreme edition loudspeakers

The Cryogenic treatment of the speakers' metal parts brings about a further improvement of conductivity, releasing best and most inconspicuous melodic subtleties. At the point when metal parts go through cryogenic handling, they are exposed to outrageous cooling. Directly following this interaction, the gem construction of the metal agreements to an ever increasing extent. Alloying components are pushed out of the grain design of the metal, which presently turns out to be basically the same as a monocrystal. These underlying changes in the metal profoundly affect its sound properties, bringing about an increment of conductivity. The outcome is in a real sense opening up another element of melodic execution – a sound that is perfectly clear, genuinely normal and incredibly refined.

Product Specification

Type 2-Way Stand Mount Monitor Speaker

Recurrence Response 50Hz-50KHz

Sensitivity 86 dB/1W

Impedance >6 Ohms

Suggested Amplifier >50W

Drivers 1 x BØRRESEN planar lace tweeter

1 x BØRRESEN protected iron free bass/midrange driver – 4.5 inches

Finishes Walnut Veneer

Warranty 5 years (Conditions apply, contact Nirvana Sound)

Aspects and Weight

01 Speaker + Stand

H: 110.3 x W: 25.8 x D: 45.0 cm

H: 43.4 x W: 10.2 x D: 17.7 inches

18 kg/39.68 lbs

01 Speaker

H: 36.8 x W: 18.4 x D: 41.5 cm

H: 14.5 x W: 7.2 x D: 16.3 inches

11.5 kg/25.35 lbs


H: 73.5 x W: 25.8 x D: 41.5 cm

H: 28.9 x W: 10.2 x D: 16.3 inches

6.5 kg/14.33 lbs

Magico A3 Floorstanding LoudSpeaker Reviewed


Magico A3 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

Before this audit, my involvement in Magico speakers was restricted to brief listening meetings at sound shows. For quite a long time I would see the best in class manifestations from Magico and pay attention to my kindred analysts praise them enthusiastically, so I was most certainly inquisitive with regards to the organization's new A Series, which was made fully intent on bringing the Magico plan reasoning to a bigger scope of audience members at more reasonable price tags without imperiling the quality and execution that the Magico brand has gone through years refining.

Four speakers were reported to be essential for the new A Series. The A3 floorstanding speaker explored here is the greatest and generally costly of the pack, being a four-driver, three-way plan valued at $12,300 per pair. The A1 stand-mounted two-way speaker is estimated at $7,400. The ACC community channel is arranged all the more comparatively to the A3, as it is likewise a four-driver, three-way plan evaluated at $6,800. The last speaker in the series, up to this point, is the ASUB, which includes a solitary ten-inch driver fueled by a 500-watt enhancer with incorporated advanced sign handling for $6,500. As one would anticipate from Magico, every one of the A Series speakers is a fixed plan.

I as of late had the chance to meet with Magico's Alon Wolf at the organization's central command in an unassuming office park in Hayward, California. We represented hours with respect to various bits of sound gear and plan ways of thinking. Magico's plan reasoning spots weighty accentuation on low contortion and capacity over structure. Alon battles that the bureau is 60% of the test in building the speaker. He is exceptionally energetic with regards to the utilization of aluminum, 6061 T6 on account of the A series, as both the bureau divider and inside supporting material.

While I can't do Alon's specialized clarification of every one of the advantages of aluminum as a bureau material equity, the long and short is that it gives a strong mounting point to the drivers and has insignificant reverberation when appropriately carried out. Alon clarified that he accepts wood or pitch cupboards are not adequately solid and store a lot of energy. This allows the drivers to move as they are attempting to replicate sound, consequently adding mutilation at the essential acoustic result focuses, just as adding commotion through extra, undesirable bureau vibrations. Then again, steel, while exceptionally inflexible, can be difficult to hose. Aluminum is in the perfect balance of this situation.

Magico A3 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

In this regard, the A Series is very much a Magico speaker, as the outer cabinet walls of the sealed enclosure are made of very substantial 3/8-inch sheets of aluminum, which are then reinforced by an extensive internal bracing structure. The midrange driver and tweeter have their own enclosure to protect them from the woofers’ back waves. Similar construction can be found in the A Series’ more expensive siblings.

In such manner, the A Series is a lot of a Magico speaker, as the external bureau dividers of the fixed walled in area are made of extremely significant 3/8-inch sheets of aluminum, which are then supported by a broad interior propping structure. The midrange driver and tweeter have their own walled in area to shield them from the woofers' back waves. Comparable development can be found in the A Series' more costly kin.

Alon clarified that Magico couldn't have delivered a speaker with these cupboards five to ten years prior. Changes in assembling innovation and, I suspect, expanded buying power permit Magico to re-appropriate the cupboards in adequate amounts to deliver the speakers at the designated costs. However, there are a few penances, like absence of shading determination. With the more costly lines you have shading choices; with the A Series you get any shading you need, as long as it's dark.

The cupboards are likewise less complex than the M, Q, and S Series Magico speakers, in that they have level surfaces rather than bended parts processed out of enormous squares of aluminum. The level front puzzles mean more diffraction than with the M Series speakers. It is tradeoffs like these that challenge originators; the inquiry toward the day's end is whether Alon and the remainder of the group at Magico settled on the ideal choices. At the point when I was visiting Magico, the organization had quite recently gotten a shipment of cupboards, and I checked out the quality of an enormous gathering on the off chance that my survey tests were a carefully chose pair. Every one of the cupboards displayed a well grained brushed aluminum finish indistinguishable from my audit tests.

The interior propping framework resembles a super advanced aluminum rendition of B&W's exemplary Matrix framework, and when I thump on any piece of the A3's bureau my knuckles are met with just a strong, dull crash. All of the A Series drivers are planned by Magico explicitly for these speakers, and were designed for exact on-hub proliferation as well as off-pivot also.

The A Series drivers share a large part of the plan attributes from the drivers in Magico's more costly speakers. The 28mm unadulterated beryllium arch tweeter depends on the M Series tweeter, yet without the precious stone covering and with a more worked on engine framework. The six-inch midrange and double seven-inch woofer cones are produced using Graphene Nano-detective and carbon fiber in a multi-facet setup that is said to give an ideal mix of weight, firmness, and damping. Huge Neodymium magnets are utilized all through.

Magico A3 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

Magico's restrictive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover coordinates the drivers with a three-way network using a 24db per octave Linkwitz-Riley channel that Alon clarified boosts recurrence transmission capacity while safeguarding stage linearity and limiting intermodulation bending.

Magico A3 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

A314764.jpgThe expressed awareness is 88 dB with an impedance of 4 Ohms. Peruse this as importance you really want an intensifier that can convey critical current without strain. In spite of low recurrence expansion down to 22Hz, the A3 is a somewhat conservative speaker at 44 inches high, 11 inches down, and 9.25 inches wide. Try not to allow the little size to trick when you go to get it, however, as every bureau tips the scales at an exceptionally strong 110 pounds a piece, no question because of the thick aluminum dividers and supporting.

The A3 has an alluring, all-dark present day plan, with uncovered drivers. The front board is exceptionally spotless, without any creases besides at the top plate and base plinth, which reaches out with regards to a large portion of an inch around the base and gives a more extensive position to the four included spiked feet. Well completed notches encompass the side boards, yet there are no uncovered clasp besides on the drivers. The brushed aluminum finish is an alluring fine grain that gives radiance with next to no irritating glare. Grilles are additionally accessible as a choice, however except if I was stressed over little fingers or pets causing harm I would settle on the perfect, uncovered driver look.

The Hookup

Magico gives simple to-adhere to guidelines, including pictures that detail how to unload the A3. The proprietors' manual depicts how to track down the best situation for the speakers in your room just as a few proposed rules. I had the option to get them ready and set up without help from anyone else, however would suggest a second arrangement of hands. Their somewhat minimized size made them simple to move, however at 110 pounds every, they were tiring to move around.

I explored different avenues regarding position, especially distance from the front divider. I wound up with the backs of the speakers 24 creeps from the divider and around eight feet separated. Per my conversations with Peter Mackay of Magico, I utilized a laser measuring tape and laser pointers to do the last situating. The measuring tape was mounted on a stand at my listening position, which permitted me to guarantee that each talk was equidistant. I then, at that point, utilized the pointer to point the speakers to a situation around eighteen creeps behind me. When I had the speakers set up, I introduced the included spikes. Magico additionally incorporates a bunch of plates to put under the spikes to ensure hard floor surfaces. I didn't utilize them on my covered floor.

The remainder of the survey framework parts incorporated a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and Network player, an Oppo BDP-95, D'Agostino's Progression Preamplifier and Stereo Amplifier, and Kimber Select cabling. I additionally utilized my revered Halcro DM-38 sound just a little and was satisfied that it was still capable.


I let the A3s play for a couple of hours daily for a week or so prior to plunking down for any genuine tuning in. The fixed fenced in area and unassuming size of the A3s had me incredulous with regards to their bass abilities. I played a wide assortment of tracks that I have utilized for quite a long time to test a framework's low end, including Paula Cole's "Tiger" from This Fire (Warner Brothers), Crystal Method's "Bustling Child" from the CD arrival of Vegas (Outpost Recordings), and surprisingly the unpalatable and discourteous Insane Clown Posse's "Ain't Yo Bidness/Soopa Villains" from the CD arrival of The Wraith: Shangri-La (Psychopathic Records).

"Tiger" has profound, multi-note bass that the A3 replicated with the lower note a lot nearer in abundancy to the higher notes, which I took to be an indication of the more slow roll-off of the fixed walled in area. The quick, fresh bass on the combined, electronica "Occupied Child" were delivered with quick assaults and no obscuring of the main edges of the notes, nor was there any shade toward the back. "Ain't Yo Bidness/Soopa Villains" is in no way, shape or form an audiophile melody and isn't something I would play when my child is near, yet it gave the A3s an exercise that they took care of easily, stacking my room with rigid, obvious bass

Preceding this audit, my involvement in Magico speakers was restricted to brief listening meetings at sound shows. For a really long time I would see the best in class manifestations from Magico and pay attention to my kindred analysts praise them excitedly, so I was most certainly inquisitive with regards to the organization's new A Series, which was made fully intent on bringing the Magico plan reasoning to a bigger scope of audience members at more reasonable sticker costs without imperiling the quality and execution that the Magico brand has gone through years refining.


Four speakers were reported to be essential for the new A Series.