The best new films on Netflix, Prime and Co

The best new films on Netflix, Prime and Co

 The best new films on Netflix, Prime and Co

We find the best new films for you every week on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Sky. Here are this week's most important streaming releases!

Autumn has arrived. Perfect for spending the evening comfortably on the sofa with a movie. But finding the right film with the countless streaming services and the huge range is not that easy. That's why we're showing you here which are the best new films on the streaming services Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Sky/WOW and which streaming service is currently the most worthwhile.



The new war film Devotion follows two Navy pilots who fought in the Korean War. Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors play the two and the film focuses not only on impressive war scenes but also on the friendship between the two men.


Christopher Nolan guarantees spectacle like hardly any other director at the moment. Tenet is his latest film and tells of a world where time has gone mad. Robert Pattinson and John David Washington shine in this complicated but brilliantly directed action thriller.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

On December 23rd, the sequel to the great Knives Out, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, finally arrives on Netflix. The film is bigger, more pompous and funnier than its predecessor. Again there is a great cast and an entertaining crime plot around private detective Benoit Blanc, again played by Daniel Craig.

Guilermo Del Toro's Pinocchio

The copyright to the classic Pinocchio recently expired. No wonder that one or the other is now taking on the subject. So does director Guilermo Del Toro. He filmed the material again and moved the action to Italy under Mussolini. An interesting approach, supported by the great animation style, that makes Guilermo Del Toro's Pinocchio a definite recommendation.

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Paul Thomas Anderson at his best. Magnolia is undoubtedly one of the greatest works by the great director. The film tells different stories that are gradually brought together. Monumental, weird, and one of the best performances in Tom Cruise's career, Magnolia comes highly recommended for anyone who loves extraordinary cinema.

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

It can be so easy. Titled Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes , this little genre film is under 90 minutes long with a single idea while being as entertaining as it gets. A resident discovers that he can always see exactly 2 minutes into the future on his television. The result is a very entertaining and, above all, cleverly structured sci-fi comedy.

It: Chapter 2

Unfortunately, It: Chapter 2 didn't turn out quite as good as Part 1 Nevertheless, the legendary story penned by Stephen King is brought to an end here and above all the cast around Jessica Chastain is great.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Although Spider-Man is part of the Avengers, the rights to the superhero are not owned by Marvel or Disney, but by Sony. That's why the films about the popular Spider Man don't end up on Disney+ as quickly as other Marvel films. The time has finally come and the second part of the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland is now available on Disney+. We hope the fan-favourite, No Way Home , follows soon.


Lammbock is one of the most iconic comedies that Germany has ever produced. No wonder that the makers and main actors around Moritz Bleibtreu have teamed up again years later for a sequel. This is called Lommbock and tells about how the characters from Part 1 live years later. Of course there is a lot of humour, absurd scenes and a lot of smoking. A recommendation for all fans of the first part.

Thor: Love & Thunder

Part 4 of the Thor series has landed on Disney+ just a short time after it was released in cinemas. Like Part 3, Part 4 was directed by comedy director Taika Waititi. And you notice that every second, because Thor: Love & Thunder relies 100% on humor. It may not always fire at the same level as its predecessor, but Thor 4 is still great fun that Marvel fans shouldn't miss out on.


The Northman

Robert Eggers has a short but highly impressive filmography. The Lighthouse, The Witch and now The Northman. The latter is a revenge thriller set in Viking mythology. A surreal and interesting film experience.

The LostCity

Are you in the mood for a relaxed movie night where you don't have to think too much? Then Sky now has just the thing on offer with The Lost City. This blockbuster, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, is an adventure comedy with a big star cast and a good sense of humor.


Steven Soderbergh's days of glory are over. But even if he no longer makes Ocean's, his films are always worth seeing. So does Kimi . Kimi is an AI controlled by real people. So humans answer the queries of the users. An employee of the company witnesses a murder. An interesting and well-directed film with a great ending.

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