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The Cure

 play another new song - "And Nothing Is Forever"

The long-awaited album "Songs Of A Lost World" is getting more and more real.

On October 10, The Cure performed in Stockholm, where they performed a new and as yet unofficially released song, "And Nothing Is Forever". The 6-minute piano-synth ballad is set to be featured on the band's forthcoming 14th album, Songs Of A Lost World.

Judging by the enthusiastic reaction of the audience, the fans liked the track "And Nothing Is Forever".audience's enthusiastic reaction In fan communities, he is also praised - the song is called "emotional""melancholy""heartbreaking" and "very beautiful".

It is still unknown when the album "Songs Of A Lost World" will be released, although there has been talking about it since 2018. But now there are at least some hints of a release. "And Nothing Is Forever" is already the third new song presented by the musicians. On October 6, at a performance in Riga, The Cure performed the compositions "Alone" and "Endsong"At the same time, it became known that keyboardist and guitarist Perry Bamont, who performed in its composition from 1990 to 2005, returned to the group.

Earlier, the band's vocalist Robert Smith promised that the album would be released before the start of the tour - that is, until October 2022. He also said that "Songs Of A Lost World" is the best work in The Cure's discography, "weird" and "relentless" . The musician explained that the release was delayed for a reason - the point is in the complex vocal parts of new songs. It took him a while to get it right.

The Cure's latest work, 4:13 Dream, was released 14 years ago, in October 2008. In 2020, Robert Smith took part in the recording of the Gorillaz album "Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez", and in 2021 - in the recording of the Chvrches record "Screen Violence".

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