svs ultra surround speaker

svs ultra surround speaker
image credit: SVSSOUND

svs ultra surround speaker

SVS was founded in 1998 by a group of audio enthusiasts seeking to develop a better alternative to the underperforming and overpriced subwoofers flooding the US retail market. They have exceeded all expectations, and SVS is now a global brand with great credibility and a whole army of loyal fans of the brand. Using state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality components, the SVS team has created a line of premium audio products that bring music and movies to life with stunning realism - all at affordable prices.

SVS products (the company's full name is SVSound) are one of the best-selling products on the online market, at least in terms of audio-video equipment. Although the company's products were originally only available in the US, the active online discussion of the speaker's features and attractive prices compared to those offered in regular stores meant that deliveries to the UK were only a matter of time. Then the internet war broke out on this side of the Atlantic as the old guard defended their market positions against the upstarts from the States. All of these "hostilities", which were largely due to independent testing and the appointment of a distributor in the UK, culminated in the transition of the SVS brand from the status of an outsider to the status of "seriously and for a long time".

image credit: SVSSOUND

Ultra Surround Speaker

The SVS Ultra Surround system is perfect for a complex and important task - to please the listener with such a strong and rich sound that can only be heard in modern world-famous cinemas. Moreover, this model can work in 3 modes: Bipole, Dipole, and Duet, which makes it possible to adjust the most suitable sound in a particular situation and makes the model very versatile.


Characteristics of SVS Ultra Surround

  • Type: wall acoustics
  •  Purpose: rear channel
  •  Manufacturer: SVS
  •  Series: Ultra
  •  Acoustic Design: Closed Enclosure
  •  Dimensions (H x W x D), mm: 312.5×356×175
  •  Grill size (W x H x D), mm: 312.5×356×178 mm (with bracket)
  •  Weight (for acoustics - per piece), kg: 8.2
  •  Minimum recommended power, W: 20
  •  Maximum power, W: 250
  •  Number of strips: 2
  •  Minimum frequency, Hz: 58
  •  Resistance, Ohm: 8
  •  Tweeter: 2x25mm dome
  •  Woofer: 2x140mm cone
  •  tweeter material : aluminum
  •  Woofer material: polymer
  •  Maximum frequency, Hz: 32,000
  •  Sensitivity, dB/W/m: 87

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