svs prime towers

svs prime towers

 svs prime towers


Features and benefits of floor-standing SVS Prime Tower

The tower is a unique model of floor-standing loudspeakers of the well-known American company SVS, which are produced as part of the updated series of Prime acoustic systems. In design and assembly, proprietary technologies are used, which guarantees increased acoustic performance and an attractive appearance. This is the reason for the widespread use of speakers in the arrangement of home theaters and the construction of multi-channel stereo systems.

Design and body

SVS Prime Tower floorstanders have an elegant and unusual design. The loudspeaker enclosure is made of durable MDF sheets, while inside there are specialties that guarantee high-quality damping and prevent unwanted vibrations in the walls. From above, the columns are covered with black piano lacquer or covered with veneer in the color of black ash.

The Prime Tower speakers have average dimensions of 914 x 203 x 279 mm and weigh 18.2 kg. A removable fabric grill can be put on the facade, which is attached with small magnets. Speakers are connected via screw terminals, which are located on the rear wall. There are also two round outlets of the phase inverter on the back, on which the main radiators are loaded. The box has small supports, which guarantee the stability of the structure and vibration decoupling from the floor.

Speakers and sound quality

SVS Prime Tower floor standing speakers are equipped with two 165 mm woofers and one 115 mm midrange driver, the cones of which are made in the form of cones made of polymer materials. The high-frequency unit is represented by a 25 mm silk dome tweeter with a protective metal grille.

Thanks to the unique design of the radiators, a homogeneous distribution of sounds is ensured over the entire operating frequency range from 30 to 25 kHz. Reliable crossovers are responsible for separating the bass, midrange, and treble bands, which are tuned to cut off at 300 and 2100 Hz. System sensitivity is 87 dB at 8 ohms. SVS Prime Tower floor standers support 20/250W amplifier power. These characteristics are more than enough for cinema halls and stereo sets equipped in small or medium-sized rooms.

Key features

  • Enclosed MDF cabinet with quality lacquer or veneer finish
  • Bass reflex design with round output ports on the rear panel
  • 2 x 165mm woofers + 115mm midrange polymer cone drivers + 25mm silk dome tweeter
  • Reliable crossovers from selected components
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