McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker

McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker
image credit: McIntosh

 McIntosh XCS1.5K: 

Superlative center speaker

The fact that McIntosh always tends to be bigger becomes clear when you look at the amplifiers made by the Americans, which often have a depth of more than 50 centimeters. But McIntosh also has loudspeakers in its range. And with those (especially with the floor standing speakers XRT2.1K or XRT1.1K) it gets really big. As a rule, there are sound lines (so-called line arrays) here, which, due to the sheer number of tweeters, mid-range speakers, and woofers, hardly distort and can carry the sound very far. These impressive line arrays now have a center speaker to match: the McIntosh XCS.1.5K.

McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker
The mechanics under the center alone are top notch. This allows it to be precisely aligned with the listening position 

If you look at an ambitious home cinema system, you will quickly realize that the center plays a decisive role: Most of the dialogue and all image-related signals run through it.

McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker

The special features of the McIntosh XCS.1.5K

The dimensions alone are huge: With a width of over 1.2 meters, the center easily surpasses any soundbar. Above all, the weight is amazing: over 80 kilos. But also this gigantic number of individual drivers: When you count it comes to 43. And because there are so many, the tweeters and mid-range drivers sit directly in front of the McIntosh XCS.1.5K bass drivers with membranes made of a carbon fiber sandwich.

McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker
The connection on the back is appropriate: each section (high, middle, low) can be controlled individually 

McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker
image credit: McIntosh
A giant center with 43 individual drivers 

Price & Availability

The retail price of the XCS1.5K AC will be $40,000 and its launch in Germany and Austria is for. planned for the end of the year. Further information at McIntoshlabs.

Specifications McIntosh XCS1.5K

Technical concept:3-way center with line array
Drivers (all Accuton):TT: 4 x 20.0 cm, MT: 14 x 5.25 cm, HT: 25 x 20 mm
Efficiency:88dB (2.83 volts)
Transmission range:32 – 20,000 Hertz
1,500 watts
8 ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D:126.9 × 43.6 × 53.9 cm
Weight:80.7 kilos

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