Ferrari Purosangue with Burmester Audio

Ferrari Purosangue with Burmester Audio
image credit: Ferrari

Ferrari Purosangue With Burmester

everything at its finest

About Burmester:
Ferrari Purosangue with Burmester Audio
image credit: Burmester

Burmester is by far the best-known high-end manufacturer in Germany. Its founder, Dieter Burmester, was something like the German ambassador for German high-end for a long time. Since its founding in 1977, Burmester has been developing and producing high-end audio systems of the highest standard. And since 2005, the noble Berlin manufacturer has also successfully established itself in the automotive sector worldwide.

Ferrari Purosangue with Burmester Audio

Burmester in the Ferrari Purosangue: After Mercedes and Porsche (one could theoretically also include the first Bugattis), Burmester audio systems are now also providing the best sound in the models of the next luxury brand – namely Ferrari. The whole thing starts with the world premiere of the Ferrari Purosangue, in which – befittingly – the large Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system is installed.

First a few words about the Purosangue itself. This is the brand's first SUV and everything about it is somehow ultimate:

  • 724 hp power
  • 312 km/h top speed
  • 6.5 liters naturally aspirated V12 engine
  • Price probably over 300,000 euros

One suspects that no mess was made here. Burmester's collaboration with Ferrari started in 2019, so there was plenty of time to develop a suitably ultimate electronics and transducer package. Ultimately, it became a system with 21 speakers and 1,420 watts of total system power. And of course, very little came off the peg: Burmester is particularly proud of the ribbon tweeter used for the first time in a series vehicle or the closed housing for the subwoofers. In general, open subwoofers or bass reflex systems are often used in cars, which often leads to a boomy bass range. Burmester's car audio developers are expecting much more precision and impulse fidelity from the closed subwoofers.

Ferrari Purosangue with Burmester Audio
The noble interior design of the Ferrari Purosangue does not give any indication of the complex 3D sound system (image credit: Ferrari)

Just as special is Burmester's traditional use of classic analog A/B amplifiers. In the sports car sector in particular, where every gram counts, car engineers would of course prefer to use the very light Class D power amplifiers. Burmester affords a combination here: analog amplification and filters for the high and mid-range and digital amplification in the low-frequency range. With the Purosangue you have both: a warm, natural, detailed sound in the mid-high range and a lot of power in the bass.

So-called ultra-flat loudspeakers are used to create a surround impression that is as gripping as possible. Due to their low installation depth, they can be used exactly where it is optimal for an authentic surround sound.

Burmester has developed some new setting options for use in the extraordinary Ferrari Purosangue. In this way, the bass range can be given more punch in three stages according to personal taste. The Precise Bass setting can be selected for an even crisper, drier bass. And if desired, the preset Stage Plus provides a sharper and more vivid stage image, which should make the music even more tangible.

Technical data

Technical concept:Fully active system - individually driven and amplified speakers
Number of installed drivers:21
System performance:1,420 watts including a 400-watt booster for subwoofers.
Special feature 1:Ribbon tweeter, ultra-flat speakers for optimal 3D sound
Feature 2:Classic, analog A/B power amplifiers for high and mid-range

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