Bang & Olufsen launches its first NFT drop: The DNA Collection

Bang & Olufsen launches its first NFT drop: The DNA Collection

Bang & Olufsen launches its first NFT drop: The DNA Collection

Bang & Olufsen is releasing an exclusive NFT collection: ‘The DNA Collection’ as the company takes its first step into the Metaverse.

To make the leap from the physical world into the digital, Bang & Olufsen has reimagined how its products can look, feel, and work by collaborating with pioneering Web3 artists, including Hackatao, Thomas Lin, and Shavonne Wong to fuse art and music into a first-of-its-kind collection.

The DNA Collection of 1925 digital collectibles is built around three of Bang & Olufsen’s iconic products - the Beogram 4000 turntable, the Beoplay A9, and the Beolab 90 speakers. It also features a brand-new digital product design, The Beoverse Alpha, a conceptual boombox that has been designed for use in the Metaverse.

Apart from the digital collectible, holders of the DNA NFT will receive a 3D model of their NFT to be used in the Metaverse, token-gated access to exclusive Bang & Olufsen products and experiences. Members of the community will also have the option to exclusively purchase a physical, limited-edition Beoplay A9 speaker with artwork from the collaborating artists.

“We’re excited about meeting design and music lovers in the Metaverse and supporting the amazing creator culture that has emerged in Web3”, says Christoffer Poulsen, Bang & Olufsen’s SVP and Head of Business Development & Brand Collaboration. “We’re new to Web3, but time and time again, we’ve built products in the physical world that no one else dared imagine, many of which have gone on to become design classics and collector’s items. Now we’re building our first NFT collection on that very same foundation that made us one of a kind in the first place”.

The DNA collection contains 1925 NFTs – a nod to the year 1925 when Bang & Olufsen was founded. Each NFT is made from a unique combination of materials, art, and music, honoring the founders’ legacy of going against the grain and innovating, and pays homage to the vibrant creative culture in Web3.

The DNA Collection NFTs will be randomly generated based on a pre-defined distribution of products and product traits. After this process, each NFT holder will receive an Art Vial and Music Vial containing an artwork and music track that will be revealed upon merging the Vials with the DNA Collection NFT on Bang & Olufsen’s minting site:

After the two Vials have been merged, NFT owners will receive a metaverse-ready 3D version of their NFT.


The DNA Collection will be available for purchase on 17th November at Bang & Olufsen’s minting site using an Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask and Coinbase.


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