The Mars Volta presented the first album in 10 years "The Mars Volta"

The Mars Volta presented the first album in 10 years "The Mars Volta" 

The Mars Volta presented the first album in 10 years "The Mars Volta"

Revolutionary "pop".

The Mars Volta's new album "The Mars Volta" has been released - the first in ten years. It is very different from the usual style of the group: new songs are noticeably more "light" and "pop" compared to previous records.

When recording material for "The Mars Volta", vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala was inspired by David Bowie, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Paul Weller. All of these musicians loved to experiment, but also had success with the general public without losing their own individuality. Guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez thinks the pop album is the most revolutionary thing they could have done.

Reviews for The Mars Volta have so far been overwhelmingly positive. NME gave "The Mars Volta" a perfect score, calling it "an amazing masterpiece" and "an astounding return from one of the most distinctive bands of the last 20 years" . Portal The Quietus believes that the album can make listeners "think about a thousand things at the same time" . According to Exclaim, the record "is capable of evoking a rainbow of emotions" - on it, the musicians abandoned their own rules.

Mojo magazine described the work as "a triumph of melody, soft arrangements and soul" and ClashMusic as "an incredibly amazing new stage in the band's multi-faceted evolution" . The Sputnikmusic portal issued a slightly more restrained review: in his opinion, this is a "quality pop-rock album with many experiments" , but the best creative ideas of The Mars Volta remained on other releases. Record Collector magazine did not like the record at all: he criticized the band for the fact that their new sound could confuse longtime fans.

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