svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

SVS Sb 4000 vs Sb13 Ultra

The SVS Sound company, which chose Youngstown, Ohio (USA), for its headquarters, was founded in 1998. The company produces a wide range of speaker systems, cables, and devices for wireless audio, but they did not bring fame to SVS Sound. 

The company began its history with the production of subwoofers, which quickly glorified the brand due to the relatively low cost of high-end products. On this approach SVS Sound created its own corporate philosophy: quality was ensured by production in the States and advanced engineering using modern technologies, and an affordable price was obtained due to a distribution system that was new at that time - subwoofers were sold to customers directly via the Internet, bypassing intermediaries. And now that the company is no longer relying exclusively on subwoofers, when it has greatly expanded production, turning from a local American brand into a global speaker manufacturer, subwoofers still occupy a solid share of the SVS Sound lineup. 

Today the company produces 5 lines of subwoofers, starting with the 1000 series and so on up to the 4000 series and the top-of-the-line Ultra. The older models are even superficially similar, sharing design and technology, although the top-end Ultra subwoofers are still slightly larger, more powerful, and equipped with larger-diameter drivers.

Today We will Talk about the 2 best subwoofers by SVSSOUND

SVS SB 4000 and SB 13 Ultra 

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SVS Sb 4000 

SVS is rightfully renowned for creating exceptional subwoofers and speakers. The company has launched its new 4000 Series subwoofers, which will offer benchmark quality and premium features at attractive prices. All subwoofers feature 13.5" rigid composite cone drivers surrounded by high tour parabolic and MOSFET, STA-1200D amplifiers that deliver 1200W of power.

The 4000 series also features DSP capabilities that enhance performance and are programmed with a dedicated app for Apple and Android devices. You can control the device with the remote control, but all functions can also be used with the application on your smartphone. In addition, the new models feature front-facing displays with menu controls, a significant improvement in terms of ergonomics over the older SVS 13.5" models.

The 13.5" drivers are custom-made by SVS and feature a (nearly) 40lb dual magnet motor. SVS reduced the lightness and stiffness and added the ability to handle the 1200 watts that the amplifier puts out. resonances.

SVS Sb 13 Ultra

The SVS SB13 Ultra subwoofer combines high-quality reproduction of the highest class, a stunning appearance that fits perfectly into any interior design style, and free placement. 

This SVS SB13 Ultra subwoofer combines the latest cutting-edge engineering, best-supplied parts, exquisite and unique design, incredible performance, and installation freedom. This is undoubtedly the best subwoofer in its segment, and its sound quality can be called unsurpassed without underestimation. The power of 1000 W in the base will be enough to flood even a huge room with complex geometry with a powerful, voluminous bass sound. The eye-catching body of the model in a glossy color will fit into any type of interior design of any premises. 

The SB13-Ultra is the flagship subwoofer in a series of "compact" sealed cabinet speakers. If Lamborghini could be connected to a home theater or made part of a home sound system, it would be called the SVS SB13-Ultra.

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SVS SB 4000 VS SB13 Ultra?

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  1. svs sb13 ultra subwoofer exceeds at sub bass and works great for music however for watching movies It felt for me that midbass is lacking, the filters didn't helped much