Pivetta Opera Only $2,200,000 120 kW Amplifier

Pivetta Opera Only $2,200,000 120 kW Amplifier

Pivetta Opera Only $2,200,000 120 kW Amplifier 

In the field of High End, we see the rest of the extravagant devices. What is the tube Audio Note Ongaku, offered today for 113,000 euros? A pair of 211 "tubes" and 2 x 27 watts (at 8 ohms) of power - but pure silver is everywhere.

But, the selection presented below will surprise even the worldly-wise - we will talk about a device that is many times (and orders of magnitude) more expensive. Madness? Or justified requests? Let's try to figure it out. 

Pivetta Opera Only

Italian "technology designer" Andrea Pivetta (Andrea Pivetta) presented the world with his next creation - the Opera Only power amplifier. The system, by tradition for the developer, is modular. In the assembled state, it is a vertical cylindrical structure assembled from sector modules. It is proposed to treat the novelty not only as a "technical and functional tool but also as a work of art."

The black 12-sided prism in aircraft-grade aluminum construction weighs about 1,800 kg. Opera Only is available in 6 x 20,000W or 12 x 10,000W RMS configurations.

The system is served by six toroidal transformers with a power of 30 kW with triple insulation, 16 ceramic diodes rated for voltage up to 1600 V and current up to 400 A (total 6400 A), 216 Kendeil aluminum electrolytic capacitors of 6800 microfarads for 160 V with a period of service life of more than 200,000 hours and 2,112 high-current bipolar transistors.

The novelty is equipped with 12 analog RCA inputs (digital ones are also available upon request). 12 output channels received 192 SpeakON connectors. Opera Only in its full configuration is capable of delivering 120 kW (up to a power of 30 kW, the amplifier operates in class A), while the THD + N parameter does not exceed 0.002%.

The cost of new items will depend on the configuration and parameters and is determined upon request.

Official Website: OnlyCreative 

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