Magico Titan 15 $32,000 active subwoofer overview

Magico Titan 15 $32,000 active subwoofer overview

Magico Titan 15 $32,000 Active Subwoofer

The American company Magico called its Titan 15 "the best active subwoofer". The Magico Titan 15 is a 177kg aluminum bar with rounded corners and a 15" long-throw bass driver at each end. The maximum deviation of the moving system of such a speaker from the center point was 1.6 inches in each direction.

Magico Titan 15 $32,000 active subwoofer overview

Each such driver is capable of handling 3,200 watts of continuous power. Its magnetic field contains several aluminum shorting rings to stabilize the inductors and minimize distortion. The opposite directionality of the speakers compensates for the parasitic vibration of the case - the Magico Titan 15 is stationary in operation.

Accordingly, the Titan 15 has two class D amplifiers, which provide a maximum of 2 x 3,200 watts. They are controlled by an electronic crossover and receive a signal from a proprietary DSP, which allows you to accurately calibrate and match the subwoofer to the parameters of the listening room.

Magico Titan 15 $32,000 active subwoofer overview

On board - a set of multiple inputs, automatic signal detection, and automatic shutdown. For safety, the device has a limit and thermal protection sensors. At the service of the listener - three preset subwoofer settings that change the nature of its sound.

All this is enclosed in a powerful non-deformable aluminum cabinet, additionally reinforced with spacers from the inside. As a result, the Magico Titan 15 subwoofer is capable of delivering up to 136 dB SPL at frequencies up to 20 Hz with less than 1% distortion.

Magico Titan 15 Specifications

In the US, the Magico Titan 15 active subwoofer was $32,000.

Driver Complement: 2 x 15” TITAN Bass Drivers

Frequency Response: 10 Hz –150 Hz

Amplifier Power: 4,800W on 120v and 6,500W on 230v.

Input impedance: 45 K ohm

Dimensions:  22" (65cm) H x 30" (76cm) D x 22" (65cm) W

Weight:­­­­­­­ 390 lbs.

Magico Titan 15  Price

Suggested US Retail Price: $32,000.

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