List of all current DC comics series

List of all current DC comics series

List of all current DC comics series

From the iconic Arrow and The Flash to the daring Harley Quinn, including Titans, Lucifer, Doom Patrol, and Sweet Tooth: The Boy with the Antlers.

The DC Extended Universe is moving forward with varying degrees of success - and in parallel with this, the list of series based on comic books from the famous publisher is expanding. Moreover, the list has long included not only standard superhero projects. In our review, we have collected all the modern series based on DC Comics comics - from the already classic Arrow, The Flash, and Constantine to the adult animated series Harley Quinn, the freaky Doom Patrol, and the family show Sweet Tooth: Boy with deer antlers.

Arrow universe series

"Arrow" (8 seasons, 2012-2020)

List of all current DC comics series

Arrow is the first series to enter The CW's DC Universe, aka the Arrow Universe. This TV universe includes projects primarily for fans of the world of comics and superhero fiction. Arrow is about billionaire Oliver Queen who finds himself stranded on a secluded island after a shipwreck. He spent several years outside of civilization training, and after returning home, Quin, in the guise of the Green Arrow, began to fight crime. With each new season, this long-running show has acquired more and more characters and acquired a loyal fan base.

The Flash (8 seasons, 2014-...)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: The Flash

The second project of the TV universe was the series about the fastest man on earth. After the particle accelerator explosion incident, forensic scientist Barry Allen and some other people received various superpowers. Allen, who can now develop fantastic speed, became the Flash and began to thwart the insidious plans of the metahumans, who decided to go against the law. Another main character is trying to shed light on the tragic past of his family. In general, The Flash is at the level of Arrow, but it is unlikely to interest those who are calm about superheroes and are not ready to spend many dozens of hours on the adventures of Barry Allen and his friends.

Supergirl (6 seasons, 2015-2021)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Supergirl

One of The CW's unsuccessful DC series and one of the weakest projects on the list of modern TV shows based on DC comics. Supergirl tells about Superman's cousin Kara Zor El, who finds herself on Earth and takes the side of good, starting her confrontation with villains of various stripes. Actress Melissa Benoist fits the role of the main character, for which everyone who was responsible for the casting of the project should be praised. However, the success of the screenwriters in developing the characters and plot of the series "Supergirl" left much to be desired.

"Legends of Tomorrow" (7 seasons, 2016-...)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Legends Of Tomorrow

Another show on The CW's DC Universe is Legends of Tomorrow. The protagonists of this project were a large team of superheroes and villains, whose names, unlike Supergirl, Flash, and Green Arrow, are not so well known to viewers around the world. This is the most specific - and not always in a good way - superhero series of the TV universe.

"Black Lightning" (4 seasons, 2018-2021)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Black lightning

Black Lightning is DC's silent answer to Marvel's Luke Cage. The show tells the story of Jefferson Pierce, a school principal who, years later, donned the superhero costume again to fight back against the crime that fills the city of Freeland. The response of The CW to not being the most successful Marvel comics project turned out to be not very good either - this is evidenced by low ratings and negative reviews from viewers.


"Batwoman" (3 seasons, 2019-...)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Batwoman

The loudest failure of this universe is the Batwoman series. In it, the crime-fighting protagonist was first Kate Kane, played by Ruby Rose, and then Ryan Wilder, played by Javisia Leslie. The audience literally destroyed the project with low ratings and negative reviews.

Superman & Lois (Season 2, 2021-…)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Superman and Lois

The Superman & Lois series is one of the most unusual in the CW television universe. He focused not on the battles with the villains, but on the attempts of Clark Kent and his beloved Lois Lane to start the most ordinary life - in their case, it is not so easy. The start of the project was quite successful, given the state of the franchise's current shows. But whether "Superman and Lois" will roll into another long-playing superhero "chewing gum" - time will tell.

Other DC Comics series

"Konstantin" (Season 1, 2014-2015)

List of all current DC comics series
image creidt: Konstantin

The series about the famous occultist and demon hunter John Constantine, in 2005 appeared on the big screens performed by Keanu Reeves, lasted only a season. The show received a lot of criticism from the very beginning, so it was easy to predict that, despite, in general, good ratings, this project has no future.


"Gotham" (5 seasons, 2014-2019)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Gotham

The series "Gotham" peculiarly and in detail considered the history of numerous characters from Batman's entourage. The authors of the project invited the audience to follow the early stage of the formation of a number of heroes and villains, including Commissioner Gordon, Selina Kyle (Black Cat), Edward Nygma (Ridler), Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), of course, Bruce Wayne himself and many others.

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"I am a zombie" (5 seasons, 2015-2019)

Frame from the series "I am a zombie"
List of all current DC comics series
image credit: I am A zombie

I'm a Zombie is one of the funniest DC comic shows out there, and it's not about superheroes either. The main character of the series is a reasonable zombie girl Olivia Moore, not quite a typical representative of this type of monster. She took a job as an assistant coroner so she could have quick access to her favorite treat - human brains. A side effect of eating her favorite delicacy is that she also gains the memories of the brain's former owner, which Olivia uses to solve crimes with the police.

"Lucifer" (6 seasons, 2015-...)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Lucifer

Another non-superhero, mystical show based on DC comics tells about Lucifer himself, who gave himself a kind of vacation in the world of people. There, specifically in Los Angeles, he opens his own nightclub, where he enjoys an ordinary life, but very soon the protagonist of the series becomes embroiled in police investigations. This is where the real fun begins. The messengers from hell, meanwhile, are increasingly trying to bring Lucifer back. The series has a fairly low entry threshold, so you don't have to be a fan of graphic prose to appreciate this show.

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"Preacher" (4 seasons, 2016-2019)

List of all current DC comics series
image credit: Preacher

Based on the graphic prose of the same name, Preacher is a series about priest Jesse Custer, who became the bearer of the super-entity Genesis. This fantastic symbiosis of true good and absolute evil is unimaginable power. To dot the i's, the preacher goes in search of God. "Preacher" is one of the brightest and most interesting projects not only for those who are familiar with the comic book of the same name but also for viewers who simply love TV projects that are bold in terms of presentation and content.


"Powerless" (Season 1, 2017)

Frame from the series "Powerless"
image credit: Powerless

The authors of the series "Powerless" shifted the focus from superheroes and villains, the fights between which decide the fate of millions, to employees of Wayne Security, specializing in the development of gadgets. No, not on creating high-tech gadgets for Batman, but on devices for the most ordinary people, which are designed to save their lives in moments of devastating confrontations between the strongest of this world. The concept of this comedy series is good, but the creators of the show let us down a lot with the implementation.

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"Krypton" (2 seasons, 2018-2019)

Frame from the series "Krypton"
image credit: Krypton

Launched in March 2018, the Krypton series was not spoiled by rave reviews from viewers and reviewers, to put it mildly. The show introduced us to Superman's relatives and his home planet of Krypton, which is in danger of unprecedented proportions. Visually, the project looked decent by the standards of the superhero series. However, with the development of the plot and characters, things were not going well in this show - this, in fact, was the reason for the failure of the show and the closure after two seasons.

Titans (3 seasons, 2018-…)

Frame from the series "Titans"
image credit: Titans

The Titans series introduces viewers to young superheroes who team up and begin to fight criminals together. Along the way, the heroes are trying to deal with personal problems and demons. The project tries to be gloomy, sometimes it even succeeds. By the standards of the DC comics series, Titans is a solid mid-ranger, which has its own great moments and sagging episodes.

"Doom Patrol" (3 seasons, 2019-...)

Shot from the series "Doom Patrol"
image credit: Doom Patrol

"Doom Patrol" is a story full of drama and strangeness of several freaks who formed a team led by Dr. Niles Caulder. An atypical superhero project, which takes place in the same world as the Titans, pays a lot of attention to the development of colorful characters. By the standards of the series adapting DC comics, Doom Patrol does it well.

Harley Quinn (3 seasons, 2019-…)

Frame from the animated series "Harley Quinn"
image credit: Harley

Almost the brightest series based on DC comics is the animated adult show, Harley Quinn. Bold, funny, inventive, and tough, this project about the adventures of the famous villain and her strange friends and associates stands out from the background of most multi-part stories based on superhero comics.

"Swamp Thing" (Season 1, 2019)

Shot from the series "Swamp Thing"
image credit: Swamp Thing

The events of the superhero horror series "Swamp Thing" took place in the state of Louisiana - according to the plot, a mysterious swamp virus was discovered there, because of which the scientist who studied it turned into a monster nicknamed the Swamp Thing. At the time of its release, the show turned out to be perhaps the scariest among the superhero series based on DC comics. However, for a number of reasons, the project was decided to be closed after the first season.

Watchmen (Season 1, 2019)

Shot from the series "Watchmen"
image credit: Watchmen

The HBO miniseries Watchmen, which continued the plot of the cult graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is one of the most adult multi-series projects based on DC comics. The show took on serious topics that some might find uncomfortable. This nuance, in fact, divided the audience into those who liked the series and those who hated it. Nevertheless, the talentedly shot Watchmen received several Emmy statuettes, including for the best mini-series.

"Pennyworth" (2 seasons, 2019-...)

Shot from the series "Pennyworth"
image credit: Pennyworth

The series "Pennyworth" tells about the youth of the same legendary butler Batman Alfred Pennyworth. As the events of the series show, his life was filled to capacity with all sorts of intrigues and dangers. The project itself is partly in style, partly in plot content, reminiscent of films about James Bond.

Stargirl (Season 3, 2020-…)

Shot from the series "Stargirl"
image credit: Stargirl

This superhero story revolves around a girl who receives Starman's cosmic staff and assembles a team of young and brave crime fighters. The criminals with whom the heroes will fight, of course, are not simple but have very extraordinary abilities.

"Sweet Tooth: The Boy with Deer Horns" (2021-…)

A frame from the series "Sweet Tooth: The Boy with the Deer Antlers"
image credit: The Boy with the Deer Antlers"

Sweet Tooth: The Boy with the Antlers is a production project by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan. The series adapts a graphic story about an unusual boy named Gus. He is one of the hybrids, humans with animal body parts, hunted down in the show's post-apocalyptic setting. The boy is waiting for dangerous adventures in a world full of cruelty. However, on his way, Gus will meet those who are ready, no matter what, to lend a helping hand.

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