Bookshelf acoustics GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro

 Bookshelf acoustics GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro 

Bookshelf acoustics GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro

Bookshelf speaker, design: spherical, acoustic design: bass reflex, power: 100 watts, frequency range: 120 Hz - 18 kHz, sensitivity: 89 dB, impedance: 8 ohms, driver: 1 x 80 mm full-range polypropylene and compound mixture, material housings: mild steel, dimensions: 102 x 110 mm (4 in. sphere), weight: 0.795 kg, price per 1 pc.

The latest generation of our classic Micro design is an original and small high quality loudspeaker. It features a 4" all-metal spherical cabinet, a 3" custom designed driver and a redesigned terminal area. Includes new Isolation2 mounting accessory.

Bookshelf acoustics GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro

Spherical Design: Since the founding of the company has been the use of spherical enclosures in speaker designs. Our first loudspeaker was originally a solid aluminum disc that was then rolled into a hollow 12-inch ball. The spheres were then placed in an electrolytic bath, which formed a hard shell that actually bonded to the metal. This anodizing process gives our cabinets the mechanical properties of ceramic, one of the most acoustically inert materials on earth. This combination of spherical geometry and anodized aluminum construction made this cabinet virtually free from resonance and diffraction, the two main causes of sound distortion. Similarly, the properties of heat treated steel and powder coated steel give our smaller,


Name GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro Single Blue

Manufacturer GALLO ACOUSTICS (Great Britain)

Series Micro

Device type Bookshelf speaker system

Number of lanes one

Color Blue (Sky Blue)

Finishing material anodized metal

Dimensions, mm 102 x 110

Weight, kg 0.795

Guarantee 12 months

Bookshelf acoustics GALLO ACOUSTICS Micro

Main characteristics

Acoustic design Phase inverter

Maximum power, W 100

Sensitivity, dB 89

Resistance, Ohm eight

Frequency range, Hz - kHz 120 - 18

Number of speakers, pcs one

Number of strips, pcs one

Midrange speaker 1 x 80mm wideband polypropylene/compound blend

Phase inverter Rear

bi-wiring/ampling connection Not

Connectors input

Acoustic 1 pair

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