Best Way to Sync LED's With Music

Best Way to Sync LED's With Music

Best Way to Sync LED's With Music

Don't know what a transistor is? Don't know how to code Arduino? Don't worry! This tutorial will show you how to wire up LED lights so they flash to the beat of your music. A few things to note: With this setup, the LEDs will flash mostly in time with the bass line of the music. Is this the best way to use flashing lights with music? No, it's relatively rough, but it lasted me a whole year of use and only cost $40.

You will need:

- LED light in this link (and can be found in any auto zone)

-Wire strippers

- Insulating tape (or heat shrink tubing)

- The bass speaker you want the light to react with

Step 1: Buy LEDs

As I said, they can be found in autozone and look like this:

I haven't tried this with other autozone LEDs, but they should work because they all need to be regulated from a 12V DC source (aka car battery)

Step 2: Attach LEDs

Literally all you have to do is plug the two wires coming out of the LED into the two speaker connectors on the speaker. Remove the plastic from the wire with pullers so you can twist it with the speaker wire. You will notice that the LED lights up with every musical beat. The louder the song, the brighter the LED. I said earlier that my setup lasted 1 year. This is because I was constantly playing loud music in my car and it ended up blowing out a few LED lights.

NOTE: The speaker terminal in the picture only shows the speaker wire, not the LED wire going to it

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