Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations

 Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations

#1 Skar Audio VXF-12 D2 12″– Best Competition Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations

This true champion sub will allow you to easily win competitions. This Skar audio is 12” and rated at 1,400 Watts RMS. Let’s call it what it is: a beast.

One of the neighbors walked by while I was fine-tuning this monster and asked what kind of system I had back there. I replied, “It’s just a 12.” He didn’t believe me and was shocked to see that I wasn’t lying.

Heads up! If you plan to cage the beast in a box, make sure you inspect it regularly because it has shaken mine apart. It’s that powerful. You will need to add extra screws regularly.

I personally love this sub because it hits the lows perfectly. Even the extreme lows are not a challenge. Best bang for your buck in the competition category!

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Tornado in the trunk: The bass is so strong that it has shaken the box apart and shakes the house windows when I pull up.

Thrives in the lows: I didn’t even know that subs could go that low. This Skar sub can handle even the extreme lows perfectly. Wow!

Balanced Sub: This is by far the most balanced competition-grade sub I’ve ever tested. You get the best from SPL and SQ as well.

A few drawbacks you must know about:

A few people reported clipping with this sub. That’s not good because it will be blown prematurely. The best thing to do is get a second battery. Also, it’s a great idea to upgrade your charging.

This stings the most. I didn’t get any decals whatsoever. It’s the perfect way to show off and have some bragging rights under my belt.

We’re talking about competition-level subs, and you will be blown away by the crazy low price this sub is on. So, no wonder it’s flying off the shelves! Pretty soon, there will be a waiting list created because the demand is so high. But it’s good news as it proves that people love it, even though you won’t be able to buy it anytime soon. In case you find one in stock, grab it while you can.


Audio enthusiasts will love it because it throws out some amazing bass.

It hits the lows, and I mean all the lows, even the extreme ones, perfectly.

Skar has the best customer service among all the brands. No matter the issue, they will solve it in a jiffy.


Some people reported clipping with this sub.

I didn’t receive any decals for bragging rights.

#2 Rockville Punisher 12D1 – Best 12 Inch Competition Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations


Wow! Simply wow. This is a real beast. Get ready for the bass because when it hits as it will hurt in a good way. This sub is no joke. It’s a 12” woofer rated at 1,400 Watts RMS. It’s the loudest 12 inch subwoofer. No wonder it easily took down three Kicker subs.

This subwoofer has the biggest magnet I’ve ever seen, so brace yourself for a slow break-in period. When I was done installing it, I got scared the first time I let this beast out of its cage. It slams good, and it’s phenomenal music quality.

The bass resonates with everything. For you to know what I’m talking about, you need to own it. Best of all, it won’t hurt your pocket either as the price is quite fair for what you’re getting.

Monster Bass: The bass is so strong it produces a nice flex, and if you get a nice SPL box, your eyes will vibrate. It’s a weird feeling. Plus, your rearview mirror will be crooked all the time.

Kicker Killer: I put this beast head to head with three other twelve-inch Kickers for a fair fight. The Kicker didn’t stand a chance. Yes, you read that right, it has beaten three Kicker subs!

Elite class Sub: This Rockville subwoofer is built from quality materials, and it’s a looker. Plus, it’s easy to install. No doctorate is needed.

A few drawbacks that I’ve encountered:

They have overhyped the power levels, big time. No way this sub can take 5600 Watts; that’s just eye candy. Always look at the RMS; even that seems a bit high.

It seems that they have gone with cheap spring post terminals. You have to be very careful with the mounting, or you might break them off.

I’ve done a few installs with this sub, including in an F-150, Tahoe, and Malibu.

If you want the best competition sub without breaking your budget, you have just found the right contender. The last time I checked, there were only a few ones left. So if you want to get one before the next competition, grab it right now, or you risk waiting for weeks on end.


It’s the ultimate Kicker Sub Killer

Hard-hitting bass that will make the rearview mirror look crooked all the time

You have to own it to understand it


The top wattage is overhyped

The spring post terminals look cheaply made

#3 Skar Audio VXF-15 – Best 15 Inch Competition Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations


We have a monster over here… This 15” Skar Audio subwoofer is rated at 1,500 Watts RMS.

Don’t you even dare install it without having your electrical system in top shape and having a second battery to supply the stable voltage. Of course, you will need a powerful amp as well to feed the beast. That 1,500 Watts is conservatively rated by Skar.

This sub is not for the faint of heart, it seriously pounds, and that’s what you want if you want to win competitions. Let me tell you this: it goes low even to the extreme lows and delivers hard-pounding bass.

I love it when I can do a hair trick on my wife, and with the help of this subwoofer, I’ve pulled it off with ease. She wasn’t that happy about it. Either way, there’s a lot of potential with this sub, and it’s a keeper if you have space.

It sounds like thunder: There was no rain predicted for today… Oh wait, that’s just the subwoofer! This bad boy pounds so hard.

Guaranteed competition winner: A friend of mine has won two competitions in a row with this beast.

The best customer service: These guys and gals are top-notch. They have answered my 100+ questions and are friendly; I can’t recommend them enough.

A few drawbacks you must know about:

This is a no-joke subwoofer with its 53 pounds. Once it’s mounted, you won’t have the mood to remove it. Plus, it takes up a lot of space, being a 15” one. You won’t be able to fit two of these bad boys in most cars.

Since this monster is so big, there’s a long break-in period. But it is worth it because then, it will truly shine.

People love this 15” sub, and I have a long list of happy clients who have installed it in an F250, Tahoe, Crown Vic, Honda Accord, Explorer, Honda Civic, and Jeep Wrangler, to name a few.

These hard-hitting subs are liked and loved, so no wonder they are flying off the shelves. If the next competition is around the corner, you have to move fast, or you risk missing out. There aren’t many in stock, so if you find one, grab it before someone else does.


Not for the faint of heart as it flexes the car

The perfect sub for creating hair tricks

People won’t believe you when you say it’s just a 15” in the back


This beast is heavy and takes up a lot of space

There’s an extremely long break-in period

#4 American Bass 10″ Competition Car Subwoofer – Best 10 Inch Competition Sub

Best Competition Subwoofer with Pros, Cons & Recommendations


It’s just a 10” sub; I think I will… wait a minute. It’s rated at 1,500 Watts RMS. What kind of monster is this?

This is a powerful subwoofer no wonder you can win competitions with this. Before you think about getting it to make sure you have the electrical system ready and maybe add a second battery just in case.

The bass is simply strong and perfect. I enjoy every subsonic wave. Plus, it hits the extreme lows perfectly. You’re getting amazing sound quality which is clean and accurate.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Hard bass: I wouldn’t have thought that this small 10” sub can release this much power. Your brain will get jarred if you push it to the max.

Hits the lows: if you’re a fan of hip hop, rap and rock, you will enjoy some newfound lows down to 20 Hz.

Mean-looking sub: you can’t just show up at a competition with an ugly system. The people at American Bass thought about that as well.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

This is no flimsy throw-away sub. It’s one of the best ones in the competition category, so you have to be patient. There’s a long break-in period, and that’s worth it so much.

A few people have mentioned that they were suffering from clipping, and it died suddenly. To solve the issue, you will need a very good amp, and you have to use quality wires.

As the name suggests, this sub delivers that powerful bass. If you want to compete, then this sub will be a good addition to your system. However, the stocks are almost always empty. This means you will have to move fast a get one before they are all gone.

If you’re interested in other subs take a look at the best car subwoofers for the money.


The bass will jar your brain

It hits the extremely lows perfectly, even 20 Hz

It’s so powerful that people won’t believe it’s just a 10” sub


You have to be extra patient because there’s a long break-in period

There were a few complaints about clipping and premature death

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