Audio Consequent Nexus Power Reference

Audio Consequent Nexus Power Reference


Amazing effect, still affordable price. Not for every device, but definitely worth a try: The Nexus Power Reference power cords from the German company Audio Consequent, based in Bad Hersfeld in Hesse, can definitely do so much that their use is often the icing on the cake.


The Audio Consequent Nexus Power Reference doesn't cost nearly as much as some super cables, but it can take the sound of a system miles ahead. You should allow the cable a certain "burn-in time".

I have a good resolution for 2022: I won't get upset anymore. Especially not about trolls on hi-fi forums who claim without batting an eyelid that everything sounds the same. The 30-euro MP3 player from the discount store is on par with a SACD player for 22,000 euros. That's fine. Saves a lot of money. Only the stubborn male in my head asks why bother with high end when you're stone deaf. Before I hit the "ignore" button and stop getting upset, some time-saving advice for the trolls: read no further from here, because this is about the sonic improvements that a great power cord unleashes in an inherently excellent system can.

No, even with a Nexus Power Reference, which embodies a very well thought-out, even elaborate construction and represents the alternative to the zero-eighteen-strips from the accessory pack, you can get a bad-sounding, possibly "only" badly combined and/or sloppy set up Don't turn your investment into a high-flyer. However, if all other adjustment screws have already been successfully tweaked, if the electronics have been lovingly and unerringly optimized to the point, it can be worth replacing the power cords used to date with a set of Nexus Power Reference - and then perhaps be very surprised in how many areas the equipment audibly increases.

When Klaus-Peter Nork, head of the German sales company AudioStones, talks about the first attempts with these exceptional strips, he quickly gets enthusiastic. Then he talks about the customer who fed his extremely official pre-end combo and his sources from the CD player to the disk drive - brand names are irrelevant here, you know them all - with power cables, for the price of which you also have a power supply get some decent equipment. Rather reluctantly, the audiophile connoisseur switched his power supply to a complete Nexus Power Reference set as a test. So that the next day - it didn't take any longer to make a decision - he could trade in his previous gems and leave the Audio-Consequent products where they were.

If you ask developer Jürgen Kuhn, then it is part of the philosophy of the company founded in 1985 not to organize "no error compensation and material battles", but to strive for "consistent, error-free implementation as possible for the benefit of natural, emotional music reproduction". Audio Consequent has long since internalized the knowledge of the harmful effects of vibrations, stray impact noise and, above all, high-frequency interference.
What are the Hersfelders doing about it? First of all, the Nexus Power Reference is a fairly thick, damn stiff "Multisolidcore" construction in "4N Wiring-Technology" made up of two eight individual conductors plus a shield for the protective conductor. The insulation consists of PE foam, an additional jacket is used to suppress microphonic effects. Before you curse the fact that these "constrictors" tend to simply pull lighter components out of the rack, you should take a close look at the impressive measurements. The capacitance of this power cable is a manageable 250 picofarads (pF) per meter, the inductance is 2.1 millihenrys, the resistance is 23 milliohms, resulting in a loss factor of less than 0, 001 results – what I put into the ultra-solid Schuko plug with gold-plated pins comes out again almost completely at the IEC connector. Jürgen Kuhn calls the cable "a perfect capacitor" that consistently shorts out HF interference.

The package with the test cables also included an exciting prototype: the Nexus Power 2+, intended for connecting a power strip or other distributor. My AudioQuest line filter Niagara thanked me for the exchange with even greater cleanliness at all sources.

What else changes in the sound? As I said, it depends a bit on the device. My relatively lightweight SACD player from Denon, "tweaked" with SSC feet, suddenly played in a different class with the Nexus Power Reference. The noise receded into a deep, dark black background, spatiality and voice definition - singers are often the most audibly affected by poor power supply - increased massively.

The changes were much more subtle when “tanks” like my Mark Levinson amplifiers – the ML No. 38S or the power amplifier ML No. 27 - have been rewired. But here, too, it makes sense to think about using the Nexus Power Reference. Don't worry - try it! And relax.


Power cord Audio Consequent Nexus Power Reference
Design: "Multisolidcore" with 2 x 8 individual conductors
Assembly: with Schuko plugs and IEC connectors ex works
Prices: 1 m 598 €/1.5 m 798 €/2 m 998 €, special lengths possible (per 0 .5 m 200 € surcharge)


Richard-Wagner-Strasse 1
35516 Munzenberg
+49 6033 67966

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