$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview

Magico M6

The well-known manufacturer of uncompromising loudspeakers, Magico, of its “M” range with the Magico M6 floor-standing loudspeakers. According to the manufacturer, the speakers raise the bar of sound to a whole new level.

The Magico M6 floor standing speakers are the culmination of the development of the "M" series of speakers, first introduced to the public in 2014. One of the features of the speakers is a monolithic carbon fiber cabinet combined with aerospace materials and technologies. This hull design achieves a strength-to-weight ratio of 60 while reducing overall weight by 50% and reducing external dimensions by 30% without compromising internal volume. The curved outer and inner walls of the housing help to minimize internal standing waves and eliminate external diffraction.

The four solid aluminum blanks used to make the exterior surfaces are specially machined to produce curved surfaces without corners. A thick internal aluminum baffle holds the drivers securely, while 10 special rods tighten the front and rear panels, further increasing the rigidity of the structure.

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview
image credit: Magico Auido

Zero diffraction allows sound waves to travel more naturally and eventually "dissolve" into the listening room. The shape of the front panel provides not only the aesthetic appeal of the model but also facilitates the seamless integration of all drivers. The specially designed three-point MPOD base plate ensures maximum stability of the loudspeakers.

The back of the midrange driver is equipped with a special horn-shaped chamber made of hard carbon fiber. The shape of the chamber provides efficient dissipation and attenuation of standing waves without the need for a large number of damping materials.

The Magico M6 uses an improved version of the revolutionary tweeter traditionally used in the "M" line. The 28mm beryllium diaphragm has a diamond coating and an optimized geometry calculated using the most advanced modeling tools. The physical properties of beryllium made it possible to increase the diameter of the diaphragm to 28 mm, which, together with the new acoustic chamber located behind the dome, brings the tweeter sound as close as possible to the theoretical ideal.

The new 6" midrange driver used in the M6 ​​features a graphene cone that is 30% lighter and 300% stiffer than its predecessors. At the heart of the magnetic system is a massive neodymium magnet and stabilizing magnets, allowing a stable magnetic field of 1.7 Tesla to be obtained in a 15 mm air gap. The voice coil is made of titanium. Unprecedented assembly accuracy is ensured by the use of the latest 3D laser scanning techniques. This allows you to optimize the performance of each speaker in its assigned frequency range and minimize deviations from the precise piston movement. The suspension of the midrange driver provides stable cone travel within +/- 6mm, which allows you to reproduce mid-range frequencies up to 120 dB with virtually no distortion.

$172,000 pair Magico m6 Speakers Overview
image credit: Magico Auido

Three new 10.5-inch speakers with cellular carbon and graphene drivers are responsible for reproducing full and deep bass. Just as with the Q7 loudspeakers, special attention has been paid to the elimination of eddy currents that occur in the metal elements of the speaker magnet system. By creating chaotic magnetic fields, eddy currents provoke the movement of the voice coil and, as a result, distortion. A powerful magnet system effortlessly drives a 5" titanium voice coil with a total journey of one inch. The branded crossover (Elliptical Symmetry Crossover) uses Mundorf components from Germany.

Magico M6 Price.

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Magico m6 Specifications.

Type of
floor acoustics
carbon fiber
Acoustic design
closed case
M Series
Country (main office)
Guarantee period
1 year
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, kg
Tweeter size, in inches
Midrange speaker size, in inches
Woofer size, in inches
Type of tweeter
Type of midrange speaker
Woofer type
Tweeter Material #1
Midrange material
carbon fiber
Woofer material
carbon fiber
Screw, standard
Number of tweeters
Minimum frequency, Hz
Number of speakers
Maximum frequency, Hz
Resistance, Ohm
Sensitivity, dB/W/m
Number of lanes

Minimum recommended power, W
30 Watts

Driver Complement:
1 x 1.10" (2.794cm) Diamond-Coated Beryllium Dome Tweeter
1 x 6” (15.24cm) XG Nanographene Cone Midrange
3 x 10.5” (26.67cm) XG Nanographene Cone Bass

Sensitivity: 91dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Minimum Recommended Power:
30 watts
57"H x 26"D x 20W
(143cm x 66cm x 51/38cm)

Weight: 390 lbs. (177kg)

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