Netflix Officially Announces Season 2 of 'The Squid Game'

Netflix Officially Announces Season 2 of 'The Squid Game'

 Streaming service Netflix has released a 10-second teaser trailer for the second season of the South Korean series The Squid Game. The corresponding video on Sunday, June 12, the company published on Twitter.

“Red light... [Give] Green light! The Squid Game will officially return with a second season," the platform said in a statement.

While there is no exact information about the release date of the project. However, information has spread on the Web that the project will be released in 2024.

As director Hwang Dong-hyuk clarified, the main character of the first season, Song Ki-hoon, will be cast again in the series.

On November 11, it was reported that the South Korean TV series "The Squid Game" surpassed the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" in the number of views of related videos on YouTube video hosting.

Prior to that, on November 9, director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed the series had been renewed for a second season . He added that it is still too early to talk about the exact terms and conditions of the project.

On October 17, Bloomberg estimated Netflix's earnings from The Squid Game at nearly $900 million, which is a hefty sum given that the writers spent only $21.4 million on the entire production, about $2.4 million per episode. In addition, after the release of the series, the company's shares rose by 7%.

The South Korean series "The Squid Game" has become the largest project in the history of the streaming service. It was released on September 17 and has already crossed the threshold of 111 million views, becoming the platform's most watched series in its history.

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