Netflix launches Spatial Audio support for all devices


image credit: netflix

Netflix has announced the launch of a new technological feature - now outgoing projects will support the Spatial audio system. This means that if you watch the content of the service in any headphones and on any device, you will hear spatial audio as if in a home theater - the sounds will be emulated on different sides of you, and will also include height effects. In other words, this is Dolby Atmos, for which you do not need to buy a large number of speakers and an audio receiver.

The function is available now, you can drive in the Spatial audio service search and watch any show that supports the new technology. Projects at the start include Red Notice, The Witcher and the fourth season of Stranger Things. The latter, by the way, is a showcase of Dolby Atmos technology, a cooler-sounding project has not yet come out even from eminent Hollywood studios. Now you can feel it all at home or even on the road.

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