Bose Qc 35

 Bose Qc 35 

Bose Qc 35

Bose's updated noise-canceling headphones are a tool for flying or working in noisy environments that have been a hit even before they hit the market. They connect via Bluetooth or via cable, an application for iOS / Android has appeared, you can’t tell everything so quickly 

Design, construction

There is not much left of the Bose QC 25 here: body contours, a headband that is resistant to the most dangerous bends (you can literally twist it), familiar control buttons and, perhaps, that's all. Everything else in the new product has been redone, reconfigured, and this is not just QC 25, where wireless functionality was added, the model turned out to be completely different in ideology. Now you will not tear the cable, suddenly waking up on the plane, now you can work with headphones all day and turn your head whenever you want - and twist it as you want. Freedom gives many opportunities.

Microphones are hidden under the perforated areas and holes cut in the metal, cable entries without plugs, on the right is the NFC area - the channel designations are large, like in the previous model. Instead of denim, there is eco-leather on the headband, something like suede on the bottom, the material is pleasant to the touch.

The right earcup houses familiar controls: a multi-function button for answering a call, Play/Pause, rewind, and volume buttons. The buttons are right under the thumb, they are pressed well, with clicks. Below - two indicator lights, dots, made perfectly. I'm still not going to write an article about light indicators, I have accumulated information, there is no time.

The headband can indeed be twisted. Since Bose is counting on everyday use in a variety of conditions, the headphones must withstand a variety of loads - I repeat, the headband can be twisted, the metal inserts in the cups will not crush the speaker and electronics if you accidentally sit on the QC 35, this happens all the time on an airplane and nearby. It is convenient to wear headphones around the neck, on the ears - just fine, as if there was nothing on the head. Perfect weight distribution, the cups completely cover the ears, you find yourself in a quiet room. Another sleep mask, turn on some sounds of the forest or Igor Nikolaev, and you can sleep even as far as New York.

I have no complaints about the design, I really like the headphones. The cover has not changed since the QC 25, there is a compartment for an airplane adapter, cables, a pocket for documents. Comrade Sasha had the idea that it would be nice to make a case with a built-in battery for charging the headphones, the idea is quite sound. And now the batteries cost a penny.

Bose Qc 35

Noise reduction system

While nothing can be configured here, the Bose Connect utility only allows you to turn on voice prompts, select a language, there is no Russian. More functions are promised in the future - let's see, Bose is good at making hardware, but there are problems with software (let's remember SoundTouch).

The noise reduction system always works, a person who is unaccustomed to ANC may frown at first - a feeling of pressure, discomfort and even lack of air, I heard such reviews about the QC 35 from friends. I'm just, sorry, kayfuyu. On Monday, there will be an occasion to test the headphones in flight, but even in the city you simply find yourself isolated from the people around you, the situation. Let's say I like to work in a small cafe near the Novodevichy Convent, but there is one problem - buses with tourists arrive, tourists, of course, make noise, everyone wants water, tea and coffee, sandwiches, different languages, din, hustle and bustle. This is very cool, but not when you are writing a text about QC 35 with concentration and want to tell dear readers all the ins and outs. At the same time, the ANC is cunningly tuned, skipping human speech - these are the safety requirements for flights.

Naturally, ANC's performance isn't perfect. I went down to the subway and heard the sound of an arriving train - in the distance, not abruptly, without alarm. In the same cafe, the rumble leaks out, like the rattle of a coffee grinder - but it's so far away, quiet, that it doesn't interfere. In the Bose QC 25, the noise reduction was good, but here it works even better, I repeat, I will have to compare it on the plane, but for sure it will be a good result.

Bose Qc 35

Let me remind you why all this at all. I was returning here from Los Angeles, eleven hours before Moscow. Around only mothers, fathers, grandmothers and children. I love children very much. And I always treat my parents with understanding - we were all taken the same way, we all cried, our children will cry, and their children will also cry during takeoff and landing. Another question, I want to sleep for a couple of hours, well, or watch a movie in relative peace. A few things help to achieve peace - slippers, Bose QC (any model, buy boldly), Ostrich Pillow Light pillow. You are simply cut off from the turbines and everything else, even if you can barely hear children's voices, it's still not the same as without the Bose QC. For the US, these headphones are not headphones at all, but a social phenomenon, the default tool for frequent flyers. It's gratifying that in Russia people are beginning to understand the value of such things - headphones are expensive, but how much does stress protection cost? That is the question.

For the next couple of years, Bose QC-35 will become the gold standard for the ANC headphone segment, I hope they will screw up the application.

Working hours

The most important figures are as follows, 20 hours of work with ANC when you use Bluetooth, and 40 (!) hours of work with a wired connection. They say that Aeroflot forbids the use of Bluetooth, so take a cable with you, don't forget. It takes about three hours to charge, you can use external batteries, any microUSB cable will do.

If you turn off the headphones and connect them with a cable, you can also listen to music, but ANC does not work - the quality does not change much, the microphone does not work, the buttons too. But thanks for that too. In fact, you can always use QC 35. I only advise you to insert the plug into the cup more tightly, “by default” it does not enter by a millimeter, you need to press down a little until it clicks.

Bose Qc 35


Connection to two gadgets is provided at once, I checked it with the iPhone and iPad, everything works well - the connection procedure is described separately in the instructions, which is correct. When you answer a call, audio on iPad pauses, then continues. As for answering a call, there is a noise and echo suppression system, the voice quality is good, the interlocutor's voice sounds natural, taking off the headphones and picking up the phone does not pull. You can speak without raising your voice.

Bose Qc 35


I decided to speak separately about the service life of the headphones, Bose QC 35 cost a lot, and I want to understand how long it will be possible to fly with them or listen to music in the office. As in the Bose QC 25, there are replaceable ear pads, you need to pull the cup out of the latches and put in a new one, there is nothing complicated about it. The Bose representative office says that various kinds of accessories will (probably) soon be supplied to Russia and it will be possible to buy them without any problems. The audio cable here is still strange, the input on the cup is 2.5 mm, on the other hand 3.5 mm - it's quite hard to find one, and I would like to be able to buy without any problems. The moment about the battery is not clear, can it be replaced in a couple of years? I am trying to clarify this question, I will supplement the article. Below I will compare with Parrot Zik 3, and so Zik has an advantage in terms of battery, you can buy and install it yourself.

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