Audi Acoustic systems-Bang & Olufsen


Audi Acoustic systems Bang & Olufsen

Audi Acoustic systems Bang & Olufsen

The world-renowned brand Bang & Olufsen entered the automotive audio market in 2005 by partnering with Audi AG to create the perfect integration of sound, technological innovation, and emotional design. This partnership is the result of one of the most advanced sound systems in the world, allowing you to experience the space of sound, which is delivered not only through conventional surround sound, but also vertically, which gives the music a whole new dimension.

The effect of stunning sound is achieved through additional speakers on the dashboard and A-pillars, which seamlessly merge with the interior.

Audi Acoustic systems Bang & Olufsen

The Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System lets you customize your performance to suit where you and your passengers sit. “Our goal was to direct the sound precisely to every place in the car,” said Grzegorz Sikora, Bang & Olufsen Car Audio Senior Acoustics Manager, in an interview. "I think we hit the mark," he added.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System Specifications:

  • Amplifier power up to 1920 W;
  • Up to 23 fully active speakers;
  • Acoustic Lens Technology and ICEpower technology;
  • Active speaker technology;
  • Acoustic lens technology;
  • Aluminum speaker cabinets;
  • Maximum vehicle noise suppression;
  • 5.1 Surround sound technology (in connection with MMI Navigation Plus);
  • 3D sound on the Audi Q7 and two levels on the Audi A8 and A7;
  • Dedicated sound setting.
Audi Acoustic systems Bang & Olufsen

The Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium System delivers surround sound reminiscent of a concert hall. Regardless of what's going on outside the car, the VNC noise compensation technology built into the amplifier ensures consistent audio consistency, automatically adjusting tone and volume based on input from multiple internal and external onboard sensors and microphones.

Features of Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium System:

  • Amplifier power up to 755 W;
  • Up to 19 speakers;
  • GALA plus mode;
  • Dynamic sound adjustment based on microphone measurements and movement speed;
  • Aluminum speaker cabinets;
  • 5.1 Surround sound technology (together with MMI Navigation Plus);
  • 3D sound in Audi A4, A5, Q5, and Audi A8, A7;
  • Two speakers in the headrests on the Audi R8 Spyder 2016;
  • Dedicated sound setting.
Today, the Bang&Olufsen sound system is offered as an optional extra on the entire range from the Audi A1 to the R8

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