Acoustic Energy AE1202 - the flagship floorstanding speakers of the new series


The British company has officially unveiled the new AE1202 floorstanding loudspeakers , head of the 100 series announced in early 2022.

The largest in the series, the Acoustic Energy AE1202 is a three-way system with two 130mm bass drivers, one 130mm paper cone midrange driver and a 25mm fabric dome tweeter. The latter is loaded on a proprietary WDT waveguide , which provides an extended HF radiation pattern. The speaker cabinets are made from 15mm MDF boards, have an internal tie-down system and are filled with weighting material to dampen vibrations. The crossover frequencies are set to 300 Hz and 2700 Hz and the maximum power input is 200 watts.Each speaker measures 950 x 165 x 250 mm and weighs 19 kilograms .

The retail price for a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1202 is £799 

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