Bose Bass Module 500 vs 700 Reddit

Bose bass module 500 vs 700 reddit

Bose Soundbar + Bass Module 500

Bose bass module 500

• Budget Choice

• A popular option for buyers on a budget.

• Can only decode Dolby Digital

• Weighs 7 pounds and offers a meticulous design.

• 1.75 X 31.5 X 4 inches in size

• Offers only a Black color option with a matte top.

• Provides decent sound with three front-facing powerful drivers on either side of the tweeter.

• Offers surround sound with four mid-range speaker drivers.

• Includes a basic small IR remote.

• Equipped with an HDMI cable only.

• Does not capture fingerprints and dust easily.

Bose bass module 500 acoustimass

Bose Soundbar + Bass Module 700

• Can handle both DTS and Dolby Digital

• Weighs 10.5 pounds and comes with an attractive design.

• 2.25 X 38.5 X 4.25 inches in size

• Comes in the Arctic White and Black Color Options.

• Provides fantastic bass response and richer sound with two side-facing drivers and two mid-range speaker drivers.

• Uses Bose’s proprietary “PhaseGuide” transducers to direct sounds in multiple directions.

• Includes a Bluetooth-enabled “Universal Remote” with features to switch between music playlists and more.

• Equipped with optical audio cable as well as an HDMI cable for wired connectivity

Bose bass module 500 vs 700 reddit:

Bose Soundbar + Bass Module 700

A Quick Overview

Both versions of the Bose bass module feature Quiet port Technology to lower sound distortion and increase bass performance.Again, both subwoofers have an integrated power supply and can be wirelessly connected across a wide range of devices.

Bose bass module 500 vs 700 reddit

Coming to the key differences:

                                        Bose Bass Module 500                       Bose Bass Module 700

Specs: Bose 500 Bose 700

Weight: 7 lbs 10.5 lbs

Depth: 4 inches 4.25 inches

Height: 1.75 inches 2.25 inches

Width: 31.5 inches 38.5 inches

Optical Audio Cable: No Yes

Cleaning Cloth: No Yes

DTS: No Yes

Dolby Digital: Yes Yes

Bluetooth: Yes Yes

Remote Type: Normal Remote only for the soundbar Universal remote for all household

Smartphone App: Yes (through Bose Music App) Yes (through Bose Music App)

Bose Bass Module 500 Review: Pros and Cons


• Comes an affordable price to fit in the budget of most music lovers’

• Decent Build Quality which is compact for tighter fits.

• Wider sound stage and spacious sound profile for a satisfying listening experience.

• Good connectivity options with in-built voice assistant feature.


• No DTS support

• Needs a subwoofer to get an extra level of bass to its sound adding to its cost

• No built-in Chromecast for connectivity.

Bose Bass Module 700 Review: Pros and Cons


• Delivers richer and exemplary sound thanks to its mid-range larger driver making it suitable for music listening across genres.

• An aesthetic design with premium and durable built.

• Equipped with a “Universal Remote” to control household devices in addition to the soundbar.

• Supports DTS content and Dolby Digital for the brilliant movie effects on various platforms with incredibly detailed sound.

• Offers PhaseGuide transducers for better performance.


• No Built-in Chromecast for connectivity

• Expensive

• Glass Top gets dirty easily.

• Equipped with a glass feature to capture dust and fingerprints easily.

Bose Module 500 vs 700: Why Bose 700 Soundbar is Better?

Bose 700 Bass Module Review:

• Its sound profile is slightly bright yet pretty neutral which is impressive for a great musical experience.

• Reproduces accurate and clear sound which is excellent for TV shows and movie dialogues thanks to its balanced mid-range and dedicated center channel.

• The Bose’s best wireless bass module comes with a subwoofer that is mainly made of plastic with a glass top and metal grille on the sides. Metal grilles on the satellites help protect the speaker drivers.

• It comes with sound adjustment features with the power input to modify bass and treble as per your preference to suit the music genre you are listening to.

• Equipped with a universal remote to adjust all the functions of the bar as well as control other devices in your household.Bose bass module 500 vs 700 reddit

Bose Bass Module 500 vs 700: Is Bose 500 Soundbar worth the money?

Bose 500 Module Review:

• Affordable with Smart Features

• Fairly well-balanced sound profile with neutral audio performance.

• Well-suited for voice-oriented content like podcasts and audiobooks.

• Delivers great center channel performance for action movie dialogue with versatile usage through a wide variety of music listening experiences.

• Decent overall built quality with the metal grille at the front and the sides.

• Offers excellent wireless connections. Allows connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and also through Apple AirPlay but not through Chromecast built-in.

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