Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3[Specs and Dimensions]

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 

     BeoPlay S3 bluetooth speaker specs

B&O Beoplay S3 Description:

Today, perhaps, there is not a single person who has not heard of the existence of Bang & Olufsen, known as a manufacturer of high-quality Hi-Fi class acoustic systems.

The release of each new product of the company is accompanied by close attention not only from music lovers and audiophiles, but also from international media. The release of the BeoPlay S3 portable speaker system, which is already available in our online store Rhythmix Ukraine, was no exception. In the meantime, we bring to your attention a review of Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 , during which we will try to acquaint you with all the features and advantages of the speaker system.

BeoPlay S3 brugt


 The BeoPlay S3 package, like most of the company's products, is presented exclusively with the most necessary: ​​the speaker itself, the power cable and a set of documentation in several languages. All this is packaged in a compact square box that you don't want to throw away even after a while. 

B&O BeoPlay S3 airplay

Design and controls:

 The speaker is designed by Jakob Wagner, who has been collaborating with Bang & Olufsen for quite some time. The speaker has a futuristic yet minimalistic design that we think will easily fit into any interior design.

The body of the speaker is made of high-quality plastic, and its front side is additionally covered with fabric - this solution looks stylish and unusual. Separately, we note that the column is offered in several colors, among which the black acoustics look the most practical.

Three mechanical buttons located at the top of the wireless speaker are responsible for controlling the device. With their help, you can turn on / off the speaker, as well as adjust the playback volume. There is also the possibility of control through a special application of the same name, which is available for both Android and iOS. 

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 equalizer

Installation and connection options:

Depending on the preferences and needs of the user, BeoPlay S3 can be either placed on a table or shelf, or hung on the wall, for which there are special mounts on the back of the device. Whichever option is chosen, the speaker will occupy a minimum of space, which is guaranteed by compact dimensions: 179 x 163 x 150 mm.

Connecting the speaker to a sound source can be done both through a 3.5 mm jack, of which there are two in the device, and using the Bluetooth v 4.0 wireless protocol, which boasts support for the aptX codec (when used with Apple technology, its presence does not affect the quality in any way). sound). Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 supports connection with several similar speakers: in wired mode, you can connect between 4 speakers, and in wireless mode, between just two.

To start synchronization, you need to start and hold the power button of the device for 5 seconds, after which the column will be assigned as the main one, then we perform a similar operation with the second column, which will automatically connect to the first one.

                 Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 firmware update


Despite its compact dimensions, the speaker pleases with the presence of surround, transparent and rich sound, achieved through the use of a D-class amplifier (2 x 35 W), a 0.75 inch tweeter and a 4 inch woofer. The volume of the speaker is at a height, while minor distortions appear only when you start to twist the volume to its extreme maximum position.(click here to feel the experience)

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 pairing

Portable acoustics do an excellent job of playing genres such as hip-hop, techno and electronic music, however, the speaker does not back down when playing other musical genres. Of course, the sound quality is inferior to the company's more expensive Hi-Fi models, but in the class of compact portable acoustics, the device has practically no equal.

It may seem to someone that the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 acoustics , the review of which is presented on the site, looks prohibitive, but the company's products have never been aimed at the mass market. This is a speaker that not only has a stylish design and excellent sound quality, but also favorably emphasizes the refined taste and status of its owner. power

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