Bang and Olufsen BEOLAB 50

  Bang and Olufsen BEOLAB 50 Airplay 2

Bang and olufsen BEOLAB 50 avis



Powerful floor standing speaker

A loudspeaker that exceeds expectations time and time again. Finely tuned to provide balanced, rich audio whether listening to music or watching a movie. Prepare for exceptional performances of music and cinematic soundscapes, powered by patented Bang & Olufsen technology.


BEOLAB 50 brass tone


Grace and power

With an eye-catching geometric design, Beolab 50 embraces natural colours and contours to create a beautiful blend of contemporary styles. The Acoustic Lens majestically ascends before performing, creating a magical moment that sets the stage for an extraordinary listening experience.

High-end sound

Enjoy high quality sound in your home entertainment set up with an active pair of loudspeakers designed to match your desires. Extraordinary cinematic experiences, carefree music as a backdrop to your day-to-day or intense, audiophile enjoyment - all are catered to by this powerful speaker

Bang and olufsen BEOLAB 50 audioholics


Minimalism requires dedication

To create a powerful yet elegant speaker like Beolab 50 takes a huge amount of effort. Achieving authentic sound in a minimalist design involves a careful process honouring more than nine decades of relentless commitment to design and acoustic innovation.


A graceful performer

With its slender, tall silhouette and rounded base, Beolab 50 is a notable yet unobtrusive addition to any home. The aluminium surfaces and wood lamellas are beautifully displayed in a refined and visionary design

BEOLAB 50 wireless


• Speaker

• Tweeter: 1 x 3/4-inch - double motion Acoustic Lens Technology.

• Midrange: 3x 4 inch.

• Woofer: 3x 10 inch.

• Amplifier for Tweeter: 1x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower 300 watts.

• Amplifier for Midrange: 3x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower 300 watts.

• Amplifier for Woofer: 3x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower 300 watts.

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