Active bookshelf speaker system, 2-way, with bass reflex, series: Reference, power: 2 x 50 W (Class A/B), frequency range: 40 Hz - 25 kHz, audio inputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR, technology: Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT), dimensions: 300 x 185 x 250 mm, weight: n/a.

Acoustic Energy AE1 ACTIVE - high-end active bookshelf speakers - are part of the AE Reference line. AE1 monitors have been produced in various modifications for 30 years, it was the very first and extremely successful model created by Acoustic Energy engineers. The company decided to celebrate this anniversary by releasing an active version of its bestseller - AE1 ACTIVE.

The speakers are based on the legendary Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic and AE Professional professional monitors, but unlike the latest AE1 ACTIVE, they are designed for listening to music at home. Each speaker in the AE1 ACTIVE is powered by its own 50-watt Class A/B amplifier (4x50 watts per pair). Analog power supply - from a linear source with a network transformer. Crossover filters are active 4th order. The signal is divided at a frequency of 3500 Hz. There are no capacitive coils or capacitors between the amplifier output and the speakers, which means that the useful signal is divided without loss, and the speakers are perfectly controlled by the amplifiers.

The signature aluminum mid/bass driver is a modification of the 125mm AE1 Classic driver. To provide additional rigidity and strength, circular notches are applied to it. It also improves the properties of the magnetic coil. Soft PPU-suspension provides easy movement and mobility of the diffuser. Tweeter of own design with aluminum dome. Optimal RF dispersion is provided by the proprietary WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology) waveguide. The slotted phase inverter is located on the rear side of the case. The level of high and low frequencies can be adjusted within +2 dB. Each of the monitors has a separate volume control and two pairs of inputs: XLR and RCA. Frequency range - from 40 Hz to 25 kHz with ± 6 dB unevenness. Available in black or white piano lacquer, as well as real wood veneer finishes with high gloss lacquer.

Two class A/B amplifiers with 2x50W linear power supply in each speaker. Fully analog architecture of the amplifying path. Crossover filters - active 4th order, provide an absolutely linear separation of sound by frequency. Own volume control for each speaker. Signature Acoustic Energy tweeter with aluminum dome for even wider operating range and minimal distortion. Acoustic lens (Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT)) for uniform dispersion of sound in space...




Name ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE1 Active Gloss Black

Manufacturer ACOUSTIC Energy (UK)

Series Reference

Device type Active speaker system

Number of lanes 2

Supply voltage, V 110 / 240

Color Black lacquer (Piano Black)

Dimensions, mm 300x185x250

Weight, kg n/a

Warranty 12 months

Main characteristics

Acoustic design Phase inverter

Rated power, W 2 x 50

Frequency range, Hz - kHz 40 - 25

Number of speakers, pcs 2

Number of strips, pcs 2

tweeter 1 x 27mm aluminum dome encapsulated in a WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology) waveguide

Speaker woofer 1 x 125mm extruded aluminum with ceramic cone

Phase inverter slotted, rear

Peculiarities Separate volume and tone controls. Audio inputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR

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