SVS Prime Pinnacle Speaker

 Prime Pinnacle Speaker

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker


Smooth, crisp and refined sound without immolating royal bass and jaw- dropping impact. Prime Pinnacle speakers render the finest musical details with stirring clarity and deliver massive cinematic dynamics to bring thrilling and immersive sound within everyone’s reach. All-new motorist array features first- ever5.25- inch midrange and triadic woofer design with 1- inch aluminum pate tweeter for revealing highs with deep, room- amping bass and crisp dynamics at all harkening situations. SoundMatch 3- way crossover maintains point delicacy and silky-smooth transitions with extensive soundstage and precise imaging for largest “ sweet spot” possible.

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Product Overview

World-Class Audio for Everyone The ultimate expression of what SVS sought to produce with the Prime Series loudspeakers is epitomized in Prime Pinnacle. Audiophile refinement and musicality without immolating wide dynamic range, deep, royal bass and all the excitement of a world- class loudspeaker. SVS aural masterminds spent further time venting Prime Pinnacle than any speaker in SVS history, in large part to produce a loudspeaker that was inversely suited to meet the demands of both sapient audiophiles and deep home theater suckers. To go indeed further, Prime Pinnacle’s press design was made to mix seamlessly and sound amazing in any listening terrain. World- class performance in both a two- channel HiFi stereo or an immersive home theater compass sound system, Prime Pinnacle is unexampled in its class and well- further. Audiophile Refinement. Stirring Home Theater Dynamics

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Design inventions in the Prime Pinnacle speaker harness rates both sapient audiophiles and home theater suckers will delight over. Each-new motorist array is optimized for massive dynamics and incredibly refined affair while the cost-no- object press design and accoutrements, sophisticated factors and inspired aural engineering combine. All-New5.25"Midrange Motorist with Composite Glass-Fiber Cone

Delivers point delicacy and broad soundstage for further immersive audio gests. The maturity of audio content in music and pictures is present in the midrange frequentness so it’s imperative to have a motorist able of producing slam and impact as well as subtle details with tonal delicacy. Prime Pinnacle’s midrange borrows design rudiments from the reference Ultra Series to deliver uncompromised audio performance at all drive situations Premium 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Renders demitasse clear highs with naturalistic literalism indeed at reference volume. Light, effective and impervious to deformation, the tweeter’s airy’ donation painlessly reveals every sonic detail with pristine clarity and unfailing delicacy. The FEA-optimized diffuser ensures broad dissipation for a wide and satisfying soundstage with point on-and off- axis frequence response so everyone in your room is treated with the same amazing audio experience. Trio of6.5” High- Performance Woofers Royal low frequence affair and emotional deep bass extension from three6.5” woofers lays the sonic foundation for all audio content. Engineered to convey the full exhilaration and excitement of cinematic blockbusters yet meliorated enough to handle the pluck of a bass guitar string and subtlest musical details with satisfying literalism, Prime Pinnacle delivers an amazing full- range listening experience with all audio content. By using three lower woofers, each with its own 2- inch harborage, the new floorstanding speaker painlessly conveys low frequence affair while maintaining a slim profile that fits in any room or system.

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Three Unique Port Tuning Frequentness Individual tuning frequentness and separatesub-enclosures for the triad of woofers epitomizes the no concession design approach taken with Prime Pinnacle. This design ensures all motorists blend seamlessly together so you get silky-smooth transitions from the midrange motorist to the woofers as well as accurate frequence response, amazing refinement and crisp speed in transients; all without immolating deep, room- amping bass. SVS SoundMatch 3- Way Crossover Creates an extensive soundstage with accurate frequence response and precise imaging for largest “ sweet spot” possible. The 3- way crossover is uniquely tuned so each motorist, from tweeter to midrange and midrange to woofers, mix seamlessly with each other while offering excellent on and off- axis frequence response and point spatial imaging for the most satisfying audio experience possible. The crossover’s topology and armature are harmonious with all SVS speakers so Prime Pinnacle is timbre matched to integrate with any speaker from the acclaimed Florescence or Ultra Series for the ultimate inflexibility when erecting a system.

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Sonically Inert and Strictly Braced Cabinet Four tone- contained, acoustically tuned internal chambers exclude any eventuality for resonances or sonic vestiges from the quadrangle, performing in pristine audio playback across the frequence diapason. Phased edges on the Prime Pinnacle speaker’s front cocoon, known as chamfers, minimize edge diffraction for a clear and precise soundstage while features like shorting rings and tweeter diffusers give aural advancements with ultramodern, high- end visual appeal. Life-Friendly Footmark Fits seamlessly in any room layout or décor. Slim enough to place coming to cabinetwork or near a wall, yet commodious enough to produce royal affair and reference sound quality, Prime Pinnacle delivers jaw- dropping performances in stereo and home theater systems from a classically handsome palace speaker design.

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Frequence Response/ Aural Data Nominal impedance 8 ohms Perceptivity 88 dB (2.83 V@ 1 cadence full- space, 300-3kHz) . Recommended amplifier power 20-300 watts Speaker Specs Floor Standing Tower Loudspeaker Black ash and piano buff black finish options

5-way binding posts

Triple 2” wide-flared rear-firing ports

Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system

Cabinet Dimensions: 40.5" (H) X 8" (W) X 13.4" (D)

Overall Dimensions: 41.1" (H) X 8" (W) X 13.9" (D) (includes grille, feet and binding posts)

Shipped Dimensions: 46.5" (H) X 14.8" (W) X 19" (D)

Weight Packaged: 66 lbs (29.9 kg)

Weight Unboxed: 57.1 lbs (25.9 kg)

Driver Specs:

1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter:

FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation

Aluminum dome for exceptional transient response

Triple 6.5” Woofers:

Long stroke motor and suspension for high output

Polypropylene cone for excellent stiffness/mass ratio and pistonic behavior

Aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and enhance high frequency response

Cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket ensures precision component alignment and excellent thermal transfer

Vented voice coil former minimizes air compression artifacts

5.25” Midrange Driver:

Composite glass-fiber cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio for high sensitivity and pistonic behavior beyond pass band

Aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and enhance high frequency response

Cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket ensures precision component alignment and excellent thermal transfer

Vented voice coil former minimizes air compression artifacts

SVS  Prime Pinnacle Speaker

Crossover & Cabinet Specs:


3-way crossover with premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards

2-piece PCB design reduces component interference

Tweeter-to-Midrange crossover: 2.1kHz (12 dB/octave slopes)

Midrange-to-Woofer crossover frequency: 300Hz (12 dB/octave slopes)


Separate sealed midrange enclosure with angled bracing diffuses and shifts standing waves beyond the driver pass band, improving sound quality

Three separate woofer enclosures with optimized port tuning frequencies for smooth and accurate bass response

Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles minimize diffraction

Chamfered front baffle and flush-mounted drivers reduce edge diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response

FEA-optimized cabinet and angled bracing eliminates resonances and improves cabinet rigidity for acoustically inert enclosure

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