Delicious TV released in Japan


In Japan, Taste the TV was created, capable of conveying the taste of what is shown on the screen. Professor Gomei Miyashita of Meiji University, along with 30 of his students, created a device that displays tastes on a special film.

Depending on the picture on the screen, the TV mixes flavors and tastes and transfers them to a special film. According to a student who tested the device, the taste of milk chocolate is indistinguishable from the real one.

It is planned that in the future people will be able to upload their tastes to the TV. The cost of the new item will be approximately $ 875 , although the developers did not say when it will appear on sale.

"Smart" TVs, possibly, will eventually be distributed free of charge : this is the conclusion of a study by GlobalSign. In a post on the Habr site, they analyze some examples of how smart TV manufacturers actually make money.

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