Bookshelf speakers Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II


Bookshelf speakers Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II

Compact bookshelf speakers Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II are part of the updated series of this company, the models in which are equipped with the most advanced technologies, as well as patented drivers. The speakers have a chic appearance - their front panels are finished with genuine leather, and the side panels are covered with natural precious wood and clear lacquer (or black piano lacquer). Each speaker speaker has its own protective grid.

The PL100 II is equipped with an MPD ribbon tweeter, which was specially designed for use in models in this series. It uses a new lightweight diaphragm, the area of ​​​​which is eight times the area of ​​the dome of a traditional tweeter, due to which the sound of the speakers in the high frequencies is uniform and with a wide directivity pattern.

The PL100 II's woofer is 6.5 inches in diameter, and its RDT II multilayer cone is lightweight and highly rigid, thanks to its Nomex internal honeycomb core. The front surface of the diffuser is a layer of C-CAM (aluminum coated with ceramic), and the back is made of carbon fiber. This configuration has significantly reduced sound distortion above 300 Hz, and, according to Monitor Audio engineers, this figure is a record for all the speakers that the company has produced. Another innovation in the woofer is a special damping ring for the mechanical decoupling of the voice coil - Dynamic Coupling Filter. The woofer is loaded with a patented HiVe II bass reflex.

Such perfect radiators could fully open up only when installed in a high-class case, and the company's specialists worked very hard on its development. To dampen the front panel and create internal vibration damping elements, the PL100 II speakers use ARC (Anti-Resonance Composite) polymer with mineral filler. The sloping walls of the case, made of fiberboard of considerable thickness, prevent the formation of standing waves and coloration of the sound at high volume.

Bookshelf speakers Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II

Features bookshelf acoustics Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II

Enclosure with HiVe II bass reflex port and leather front

New MPD tweeter with corrugated ribbon diaphragm

Diffusers-“sandwiches” RDT II of the new generation

Characteristics of bookshelf acoustics Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II

Number of lanes 2

Number of speakers 2

Type of shell HiVe II (High Velocity) phase inverter in the back of the case

Tweeter type MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeter with a corrugated membrane-tape, the radiation area of ​​which is 8 times larger than the radiation area of ​​a conventional dome tweeter

Diameter and type of woofer long-stroke 6.5" with RDT II cone

Frequency range 40 Hz - 100000 Hz

Sensitivity 88 dB (1 W / 1 m)

Minimum impedance 4.5 ohm

Rated impedance 6 ohm

Maximum sound pressure level 111.8 dB (for a pair of speakers)

Power 120 W

Recommended Amplifier Power 60 - 120W per channel

Crossover frequency 3000 Hz

Input connectors 4 copper screw terminals with rhodium plated contact surfaces

Grill tweeter and woofer are equipped with separate acoustically transparent removable grills

Front Panel upholstered in Inglestone leather, ARC anti-resonance material used in construction

Tools included wrench set for adjusting the fixing tightening bolts of the drivers, magnet for removing the grills, USB stick with instructions and the SubConnect App, spirit level

Dimensions (WxHxD) 225 x 370 x 285 mm

Weight 14.9 kg (single column)

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