Wilson Benesch P1.0


Wilson Benesch P1.0

Wilson Benesch P1.0

AUD $12,200.00

Precision Series 2-Way Stand Mount Speaker

The passage into the new Precision Series, the P1.0 offers outstanding worth and execution. Thirty years of examination and improvement support the Wilson Benesch configuration group. This experience has brought about the continuous development of amplifier configuration coming full circle in the Precision Series, which distils center Wilson Benesch amplifier advancements inside its amplifier walled in areas. With stream down innovation from the reference Geometry Series apparent all through its plan.

Wilson Benesch P1.0



Seemingly the most basic part in any unique drive unit configuration is the decision of material in the cone. Wilson Benesch was the main organization on the planet to foster a shopper item that utilized Isotactic Polypropylene. Over 10 years on, this remaining parts the material of decision in the entirety of our drive unit advancements. It's one of a kind equilibrium of high explicit solidness with remarkable damping give what we view as the ideal equilibrium of material properties. Other hard vault advances, including that utilizing carbon fiber and earthenware have been widely tried. No matter what this large number of innovations bring about the need to plan complex hybrids to control undesirable resonances inside the cone which emerge from extremely high explicit solidness. This intricacy inside hybrid plan is viewed as a trade off.


At the actual center of the improvement of Wilson Benesch drive unit innovation was the ethos that transient reaction time ought to be diminished however much as could reasonably be expected. In other words the reaction of the drive unit to change from harmony or consistent state. There are no deferrals in nature but when a powerful drive unit endeavors to replicate a scope of frequencies from a recording, the laws of physical science direct that the moving mass of the drive unit will forever imitate sound with some postponement. This is an unavoidable plan impediment of all unique drive unit plans today.

Notwithstanding, these actual laws can be noticed and utilized as a manual for upgrade the powerful drive unit plan. By acquainting light and firm materials with diminish mass, strong uncommon earth magnets to build power and control, profoundly enhanced foundational layout to expand the remarkable properties of every material and structure inside the construction, the Tactic II drive unit is a close to ideal unique drive unit plan.

Wilson Benesch has iteratively evolved four drive unit plans. These have been alluded to by the free press as "lightning quick" and "33% dynamic, 66% electrostatic". Demonstration of the plan ethos at the center of these mechanical turns of events.

Wilson Benesch P1.0


The Leonardo Tweeter has been grown straightforwardly through an iterative plan approach that brought forth the Fibonnaci and Semisphere Tweeters before it. Not at all like these extraordinary wide-data transfer capacity plans, the Leonardo doesn't utilize a hybridized Silk-Carbon arch and accordingly its recurrence reaction is level to 24 kHz. Notwithstanding, the mathematically enhanced and decoupled polymer-carbon fiber faceplate is taken straightforwardly from the very rack as that utilized in the Eminence amplifier. This totally restrictive part is produced in-house utilizing the most recent 3D printing innovation. The faceplate goes about as a waveguide to ensure ideal scattering and stage qualities for the Leonardo Tweeter. Very much like the Semisphere Tweeter, the Leonardo Tweeter includes the exclusive Neodymium magnet ring in its back chamber. This open engineering guarantees ideal energy ways for both acoustic and nuclear power; basic plan contemplations where very low mutilation levels are yearned for.

4. Aluminum TOP and BOTTOM BRACING

The Precision Series utilizes a multi-material hybridized structure. This plan reasoning has been created by Wilson Benesch north of thirty years of amplifier nook plan. By joining different materials along these lines, the planner is basically shaping a composite construction that permits the exceptional properties of every material to be utilized to make a plan advantage. This identical hybridized plan ethos is utilized in the reference Geometry Series. The unmistakable Precision Series top and base 'covers', while exquisite structures, are truth be told basic parts in the nook plan. Accuracy CNC-machined from strong billets of aluminum, the covers lock in place the front and back aluminum confuses with the wood side boards. The covers are then tied along the upward hub of the Precision Series walled in area utilizing aluminum combination bars that support the nook and pack the entire construction to guarantee it is as sonically inactive and solid as could really be expected. This tie and support configuration is utilized across the Geometry Series and furthermore inside the Isobars of the R1 HIFI Rack. This development innovation is one more illustration of stream down advancements taken straightforwardly from the reference Geometry Series.

5. Inward DAMPING

As the innovator in amplifier fenced in area plan, Wilson Benesch fused into the plan of the Precision Series various highlights that permit the nook to be hardened and damped ideally. One more illustration of this is found in the cylindrical constructions that populate the interior fenced in area to give both expanded solidness yet in addition damping of the Precision Series nook along its flat pivot.


The hybridized Precision Series nook is additionally hardened and damped utilizing strung steel bars. The bars end into strung pockets on both the aluminum top and base covers, in addition to the front and back aluminum astounds. The bars are then twisted to make a compressive power across the upward pivot of the Precision Series P1.0 walled in area. This plan highlight is utilized across our reference amplifier line and furthermore inside the Isobars of the R1 HIFI Rack. This development innovation is one more illustration of stream down advances taken straightforwardly from the reference Geometry Series.

.Wilson Benesch P1.0

Product Specification

Type 2-Way Stand Mounted Loudspeaker

Drive Technology 1 x 25mm (1") WB Leonardo Tweeter

1 x 170mm (7") WB Tactic II Mid/Bass Drive Unit

Hybrid Technology Tweeter second Order Crossover

Mid-Bass Directly Amplifier Coupled

Fenced in area Technology Hybrid Composite Construction

U-Section High Torsion Aluminum Alloy Damping Rods in the Horizontal Axis

Rounded Cross Bracing

Port Tuning

Combination Baffle, Top, Foot with Machined Logos Front and Rear

Measurements Impedance: 6ω ostensible/4ω negligible

Affectability: 89dB at 1 meter on-pivot, 2.83V info

Recurrence reaction: 38Hz – 24kHz +/ - 2dB on-pivot

Dimensions Height: 1025mm (40.4″) including stand

Stature of Cabinet: 322mm (12.6")

Width: 348mm (13.7")

Profundity: 368mm (14.48")

Weight 30kg (66 lbs) per speaker (channel) including coordinated stand

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