V-12XS SHOCKWAVE Subwoofer

V-12XS SHOCKWAVE Subwoofer

The V-12XS ShockWave powered subwoofer system is the ultimate low frequency bass enhancement for 2-channel audio.  This subwoofer is like no other.  It's designed for speed as well as deep bass extension.


Our engineering goal for the ShockWave design encompasses three primary objectives.  First, a high speed transient response that can be finely adjusted to match any mini-monitor or planar speaker in existence.  When correctly adjusted, the ShockWave cannot be heard as a separate source of sound.  Next, vanishingly low levels of coloration and distortion so that the subwoofer does not call attention to itself or degrade the primary speakers in any way.  Room-correction is supplied in the form of an infinitely adjustable Parametric Equalizer, which can help you eliminate or greatly reduce your room’s contribution to poor bass reproduction.


In the past, subwoofers were primarily designed to extend the deep bass response of speaker systems lacking in deep bass power.  However, due to old technology of the time, large cabinets with resonant walls using large woofers with poor transient response had the unintended effect of adding “boom” that offset the benefits of adding deeper bass.  In fact, none of the early subwoofer designs could totally integrate with high speed mini-monitors or planar speakers.  As many audiophiles discovered, most of the first designs were a huge disappointment to musically oriented audiophiles, who often gave up trying to integrate these types of subs.


However, the rise of Home Theater sales during the past two decades made the subwoofer category a legitimate product, since boom is often desired as a sound effect in action movies.  Many speaker companies simply went with the flow and did not attempt to develop high speed subwoofers, since the sales volume to audiophiles did not seem to justify the effort.  However, the engineers at Von Schweikert Audio understand that it is possible to design a complete subwoofer that will work in all applications – the transient response speed and cabinet distortion simply needed to be corrected.  In addition, some form of equalization is necessary to tune the unit to the desired response pattern, which in turn enables the ShockWave to overcome any room problem.


Designed for both two-channel music and top-end home theater applications, the V-12 has a full complement of features that must be optimized for best results.  We provide extensive documentation for setting up the ShockWave, so that you can take advantage of its benefits. Available in High Gloss Back, Sycamore and Medium Cherry, the V-12 Shockwave is at home in any décor.


Frequency Range: 8 Hz to 180Hz, +/- 1dB.


Size : 17” H x 17” W x 17" D


Weight : 102 lbs


Cabinet Construction : Sealed box using 2.75” Triple-Laminate Wall


Amplifier Power : 1,000 watts r.m.s., 3,000 watts on peak transients


Power Supply : Heavy Duty, Dual-Stage with Toroidal core transformer


Room Correction : Parametric Equalizer with infinite adjustment range


SPL Output : 115dB with low distortion (<1%)


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