Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

AUD $3,440.00

Phono Pre-amplifier


The Sutherland Engineering 20/20 was made with a dream to accomplish an incredibly low clamor floor and exact goal. It is gotten from the best components of the past models, the PH3D and the Hubble. It has an exquisite stylish of execution, worth, craftsmanship and moderation. That legacy, notwithstanding, doesn't keep the 20/20 plan from assuming its own extraordinary personality.
Everybody needs the benefits of AC power line confinement presented by battery activity. The 20/20 is for the individual who needs those benefits yet doesn't have any desire to play with batteries. The 20/20 comes as close as conceivable to offering a comparability of battery confinement from AC line power. It is AC controlled and very tranquil!
The 20/20 is a one box arrangement with in a real sense two indistinguishable mono RIAA phono preamplifiers inside. Each channel is on its own circuit board, has its own safeguarded compartment, power marker, its own AC power supply and its own power rope. It is a definitive in channel partition.
The subsequent sonic exhibition is heavenly, with an exceptionally regular, smooth eloquent sound.

Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

Two-Mono Construction

In the journey for a definitive in sound system detachment, the 20/20 goes past double mono, presenting rather what Ron Sutherland likes to call "two-mono." Many audiophiles favor involving mono-block enhancement for the advantages of disposing of crosstalk and other commotion toxins related with shared power supplies. They additionally lean toward the advantage of every amp having its own supply of force, expanding dynamic abilities, and providing the amp with a feeling of simplicity. This is exacerbated in a phono-preamplifier climate where commotion is the most exceedingly awful of adversaries. The 20/20 might resemble an ordinary sound system phono stage yet in the event that you remove the cover you will find two indistinguishable mono phono circuit sheets, sharing just similar front and back boards. Power supplies, power lines , and all hardware are isolated. Indeed, even the power marker lights are free.

Power Supplies

The 20/20 uses two managed tabletop power supplies (one for each channel) to taps mounted toward the front of the double mono circuit sheets. These are SMPS units and the links are "figure 8" with DC plug terminations like utilized on versatile workstations. Just DC is available on these links so the RF isn't close to any gadgets. You plug these in on every suspension under then introduce the body in the rack. The wires are then prepared out the back to the divider or to your preferred plug extension. To comprehend the reason why Sutherland have planned the power supply framework along these lines, we should check out AC to DC power supply components needed for no-compromise top of the line execution:

Redress the AC to DC

Channel that DC

Utilize that crude DC to control a directing DC to DC exchanging inverter (this stage likewise gives galvanic separation between the AC power line and the DC load)

Give extra degrees of separating to eliminate the high-recurrence swell from the exchanging inverter.

Give extra degrees of clamor seclusion from the changing inverter to the heap

Give neighborhood voltage guideline right at the sound hardware.

From a designing perspective, things 1, 2 and 3 can be refined with a very much picked, off-the-rack table top power supply. It does those errands competently, dependably and at a truly sensible expense. The provisions included with the 20/20 are evaluated at a MTF (Mean Time between Failure) of north of 100,000 hours. They are utilized at under 10% of their evaluated limit, so dependably ought to be much additionally expanded. If one somehow managed to come up short, substitution is straightforward and modest. Notwithstanding that usefulness, they are now security tried and endorsed for utilize from one side of the planet to the other. Significantly additional time, exertion and cash could be spent on custom hardware – however to no presentation advantage.

From an audiophile perspective, it is things 4, 5 and 6 that decide the nature of DC accessible for the delicate sound hardware. That capacity is so significant it takes up more than 2/3 of every speaker's circuit board region. Ten fell phases of inactive RC separating give a gigantic separation from the preamp region to the approaching DC power connector. There are north of 35,000 microfarads of capacitance on each board. The electrical 'distance' is so incredible, when power is first applied, it assumes control north of 10 seconds for the ability to go through these ten segments of sifting and come to the preamp stage. Voltage gradually increase until the zener diodes clasp it to the right worth. Until that voltage is reached, the sound result is quieted. It is this segment of hardware that gives the outrageous confinement from AC power line influences.

DC Connector Location

There are no power associations on the back board. All things being equal, you will think that they are situated at the front and under the cover. That is one of those structure follows work plan choices. The front of the circuit board is the place where the power enters the circuit, consequently that is the place where the connector is found. On your vehicle, the gas cap is exceptionally close to the fuel tank. It isn't situated at the furthest edge of the vehicle.

Putting the passage point at the front licenses power supply wires (low voltage DC) to be steered well away from all the touchy piece of the circuit. Balance that with the AC IEC power connector (high voltage AC) traditionally situated on the back board exceptionally close the preamp hardware and all the info/yield jacks.

Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

Beautiful on the Inside

It is the inward plan and execution of the phono preamplifier which is liable for its commitment to the sound. For those customers who are educated with regards to electronic plan, note that the 20/20 has FR-4 fiberglass circuit sheets (twofold favored plated through openings), Dale/Vishay 1% metal film resistors, Wima Polypropylene capacitors for power supply application by-passing custom-injury 1% polystyrene film capacitors for adjustment. The frame is 14-check cold moved steel with a heated epoxy powder coat finish. The 1/2" thick anodized aluminum front board highlights anodized fine art and the RCA connectors are gold plated and Teflon protected. The setup headers are likewise gold plated.

This insightful engineering, meticulousness and craftsmanship results in a phono enhancer that sounds magnificent and gives you certainty that it will proceed genuinely associating you to your simple music for a long time to come.


Ample stacking and gain choices for both MM and MC cartridges

Smaller, careful body is amazingly all around constructed and strong

Calm, dynamic, and melodic past its cost

Sutherland 20/20 Mk2

Product SpecificationItem Phono PreamplifierAcquire Settings 40, 46, 52, 58 or 64dBLoading 100, 200, 425, 1k or 47k OhmsPower Requirements 20 watts (10 watts for each channel)Working Voltage 100 to 240 volts (all inclusive, no changes)Power Supply 2 x External Regulated Tabletop Power SuppliesDimensions 432mm (wide) x 305mm (profound) x 57mm (high)Weight 5.0 kgTransporting Weight 8.6 kgWarranty 5 years parts and work. Adaptable. Just legitimate for units that poor person been changed or manhandled.

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