Olympica Nova| REVIEW

Olympica Nova from Sonus Faber | REVIEW


The Secret Is Out: Olympica Nova 1

Half a month prior that I had a highly confidential pair of speakers in the house from Sonus Faber . I was unable to say they were Sonus Faber, obviously. I was approached to take several photographs of my framework, and I needed to shoot around the secret speakers. I concede there was something a little energizing with regards to that.

As a previous merchant, I know how to stay silent with regards to future item delivers. I've had the delight of testing out numerous new items from my makers, new items that even my sellers didn't know about, and I learned—once in a while the most difficult way possible—that it's ideal to keep your mouth shut until said item is moving off the mechanical production systems. You need to outrage vendors, clients and almost every other person in the business? Two words: creation delays.

I've never needed to stay silent with regards to an item I was surveying, in any case. The web-based media side of me was baffled since I'm accustomed to declaring changes as they are made to the primary framework. I'm attempting to create energy. I'm attempting to get individuals to say, "I can hardly wait to understand what you thought about [insert item here]." But not this time. I marked agreements. I gave Sonus Faber my statement.

However, presently the ugly truth is out in the open—you've without a doubt previously seen the title of this audit. The wonderful 2-way screens I've been getting a charge out of are the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Is, and this audit was coordinated related to the introduction of the whole Olympica line at the current year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. As this survey initially shows up in I will be at the divulging of the whole Olympica Nova line at RMAF. I'll be the person with the knowing grin all over. Definitely, I'm exceptionally acquainted with these. I can address your inquiries, as well. Line starts to one side.

The Facts

The new Olympica series, in view of the first Olympica line from Sonus Faber, highlights various advancements—new drivers and hybrids, new bureau plans and new ways to deal with nook propping and tuning. Eight layers of bended wood make up the dividers of the Olympica Novas, and the upper plate is produced using kick the bucket cast aluminum. The plan is ported utilizing Sonus Faber's new Stealth Ultraflex innovation, acquired from the most costly models, which utilizes a piece of aluminum to control the wind stream.

The cupboards for the new Olympica line are lopsided, which adds to their huge excellence. Sonus Faber says this shape helps with both bass reaction and the accomplishing ideal execution in the room. The writing states that "this is a unique plan idea enlivened essentially, as the lines follow the progression of a round twisting movement, accomplishing a more natural cupboard structure." It's a dazzling shape, outlined by that sparkly aluminum top plate, particularly when you view the Novas from a higher place.

The new Olympica line includes the Nova V ($16,500/pair), the Nova III ($13,500/pair), the Nova II ($10,000/pair) and the passage level Nova I, which I got, which retails for $6500/pair. The devoted represents the Nova I retail for $1200/pair. An on-divider form and a middle channel will be delivered a month later the four primary models.

The Nova I is a little two-way shelf screen that utilizes a similar mash cone found in the Homage Tradition line, and a 28mm silk arch tweeter that highlights Damped Apex Dome (DAD) innovation. The hybrid organization utilizes Paracross innovation to diminish affectability to radio-recurrence obstruction, bringing down the commotion floor. As Sonus Faber announces, the Olympica Nova I is a blend of old practices and new innovation—a methodology that sounds European deeply

Olympica Nova from Sonus Faber | REVIEW

Olympica Nova from Sonus Faber | REVIEW


In my listening room, most 2-way shelf screens wind up situated at generally a similar spot. Certainly, I adjust and gauge and play around, however as a rule new speakers end up right on the Xs on the floor. In this position, in any case, the Olympica Nova Is were somewhat bass bashful right out of the case. Apparently the Novas sounded squarely every way under the sun, yet I needed somewhat more weight down in the hold.

Following 100 hours or so of break-in, the bass improved, yet I realized I could get more. So I pushed them toward the back divider somewhat more than expected, playing a round of give and take between soundstage profundity and bass reaction, and I at long last protected ideal situation with the Novas set with regards to a foot more extensive from one another than expected, and inside two feet from the back divider.


I utilized two enhancer set-ups for the Nova Is—the 220wpc Unison Research Unico 150 mixture coordinated intensifier and the PureAudio Duo 2 power speaker and PureAudio Control preamplifier. The time was equally separated, and both were great matches—the strong (220wpc) Unison gave pleasant control in the bass, and the PureAudio pair gave more detail. The two amps are distinctive enough from one another to assist me with figuring out the Olympica Nova I's sound.

My initial feeling spins around the enormous and especially distinct soundstage the Olympica Novas advertised. We're not simply discussing wide and profound. The Novas did something great—they duplicated the size of my own listening room on the opposite side of the divider. The deception was clear. I could without much of a stretch envision a phase of equivalent size past the speakers where the entertainers stood and played. The divider limits were plainly fixed in space on the two sides of the mirror.

That sounds weird, correct? In any case, that is the thing that I saw as generally fascinating with regards to that strong, the projection of a known limited space that was totally regular. Do we truly expect a solitary note played in the Mojave? Those limits I detected recreated the sensation of being in a room where music is played. It was a particular sound, one that appeared to be completely consistent and normal.

On the Smoking Flowers' new acoustic collection Snowball Out of Hell, the general sound ought to help the audience to remember a live exhibition with no crowd. This collection catches just Scott and Kim Collins on a phase, stripping down the plans on a portion of their latest tunes and covering the vast majority of the leftover melodic parts themselves. You'll see I said stage—I don't have the foggiest idea where they were remaining in the studio, however the soundstage is so clear and three-aspect that I can undoubtedly envision the stage, and every little thing about it. I can nearly see where the beverages are perched on those little club tables.

One more shocking thing about the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Is: that high pitch. Recollect whenever you first heard truly hello rez advanced? To me I had compared higher goal with more detail, yet rather I hear a plushness to those highs, a delicacy that is enticing rather than scientific. The Nova Is improved that high-recurrence expansion such that made me consider how those solitary sounds weren't segregated out in space but instead a piece of a consistent entire that went right down to the least bass frequencies. I suppose that is called intelligence, yet my brain continued contemplating mixing and twirling and drifting. The high recurrence execution of the Olympica Nova Is was absolutely heartfelt and alive.

Olympica Nova from Sonus Faber | REVIEW

(Olympica!) Conclusions

I've come to the furthest limit of this survey without waxing too melodic with regards to the Sonus Faber's fantastic beauty care products, and there's an explanation. I spent numerous years addressing Italian top of the line sound brands, and I know how to advertise them fittingly. Italian. Hand-made. Old-world craftsmanship. Ferrari. Sistine Chapel. Sophia Loren. Audiophiles in all actuality do need excellence in their homes, and they need to show their companions that they didn't simply purchase speakers, they purchased these. Simply take a gander at them. They're from Italy.

Simultaneously, I feel that Sonus Faber has restrained that elaborate look of the past with something more current and smoothed out and will mix all the more effectively into your home just as your way of life. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the magnificence of the Olympica Nova I is faltering, particularly when you get straight up on it and sniff around. Yet, from the listening position you probably won't be as fixated on the looks as much as the lovely strong.

I've had a ton of involvement in premium stand-mount two-ways—assuming I have a wheelhouse, that is it—so it's not difficult to lose all sense of direction in the unlimited examinations. The Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I stands separated from the group in my psyche for two reasons. One is that astounding and substantial soundstage, one that truly uncovered and supports the smallest subtleties in the music. The second is that sweet and smooth high pitch, which is regular and easy. They require a smidgen more exertion with regards to situating, particularly with regards to cajoling low frequencies to sprout in a specific space, however as an audiophile you'll know how to get where you're going.

To add a proportion of excellence to your home, Sonus Faber has forever been a savvy decision. With the Olympica Nova I, in any case, you can be the two individuals, a dilettante and an audiophile. You don't need to pick either.

Furthermore don't mull over getting the stands

Olympica Nova from Sonus Faber | REVIEW

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