Norma IPA-70B


Norma IPA-70B

Norma IPA-70B


REVO 70W Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Classifications: Amplifiers - Integrated, Norma

The Norma REVO IPA-70B coordinated enhancer was made because of a test. The test of offering a full-work coordinated enhancer with a high level plan, first class construct quality, audiophile quality execution level while keeping an open cost. On account of the numerous long periods of involvement acquired planning audiophile enhancers, a gifted designing group and super present day producing processes, the test was fruitful.

The Norma REVO IPA-70B is basically the aftereffect of joining enthusiasm, innovativeness and a pure love for music with Italian style and electronic plan artfulness. Incorporated speakers in this section of the market are not typically prestigious as 'reference level' sound quality as there are numerous customary trade offs that are taken by architects to make items financially feasible in the portion. Enrico Rossi contemplated the test of how to break this form and produce a coordinated intensifier that satisfied the requirements of the most requesting music sweetheart without displaying the 'ordinary' constraints. The IPA-70B deal a degree of refinement and listening delight obscure to this section of the market – as of recently.

Straightforwardness, timbral nonpartisanship, transient assault, extraordinary elements yet having the capacity of imitating even the littlest subtleties of the melodic sign, both at high and low volumes. These attributes express much more than its intentionally minimized aspects would lead you to anticipate.

Norma IPA-70B

The outer plan of the Norma Revo IPA-70B, in the same way as other Italian magnum opuses, express the combination of structure and capacity, innovation and tasteful. As though they were produced by a symphonious exchange between tense lines and smooth intersections, the shape seems, by all accounts, to be loose and simultaneously stacked with a solid powerful charge.

The inner workmanship is uncommon and features a specialized refinement that follows a similar way of thinking. The REVO IPA-70B utilizations exclusive hardware, a managed high velocity power supply, low commotion design and is worked with a cautious determination of the best accessible materials. Norma sound pieces have a refinement of sound that is remarkable at any cost, encapsulating the architect Enrico Rossi's specialized ability and some way or another injecting the way of life and melodic practice of Cremona.

The REVO IPA coordinated enhancers can be requested with the accompanying choices whenever wanted:

Phono choice to suit MM and MC cartridges, various addition and information impedance settings

Discretionary USB input board, DSD viable

Norma IPA-70B


Outrageous low commotion, rapid schematic geography and wide band (>1 MHz).

High current MOSFET power gadget (100 A result top current).

8 power gadgets for an absolute appraised 1,000W power dealing with capacity.

Semiconductor chose and matching for Left and Right channel.

PCB Board with wide ground plane.

Separate ground plane power supply for Gain, Driver and Output stage.

Rapid and low clamor directed power supply for gain and driver stage.

High sifting limit with various and low impedance capacitors.

Full aluminum non-attractive edge.

Toroidal power transformer extraordinarily intended for sound applications, low scattering stream, low mechanical commotion, high porousness attractive center with low result impedance.

Controller of all capacities with NORMA RC-A controller.

Two-speed volume control (Fine and Fast).

Accessible with a PHONO Stage choice (excellent phono stage, for MM and MC get).

Insurance for DC signal touchy speakers.

Inputs choice by hand-off with GOLD/PALLADIUM contacts.

Backup mode turns off the chip one the order is executed, to drop any obstruction towards the simple sign.

Item Integrated intensifier with full controller

Inputs 1 Phono MM/MC, 4 Line RCA, 1 Direct (AV) IN

Input Impedance 10 Kohm

Outputs 1 REC OUT, 2 sets of Main Speaker Outputs

Phono MM/MC

Phono Input Impedance 47 Kohm, 1 Kohm, 500 Ohm, 100 Ohm, Spare

Phono Gain 34 dB, 38 dB, 42 dB, 46 dB, 50 dB, 52 dB, Spare

Speaker outputs 2 sets principle yield

Recurrence Response 0-800 KHz (Volume at greatest)

Configuration Solid State

Yield Power 70 W RMS/8 Ohm – 140W RMS/4 Ohm (each channel)

Yield Current 24A persistent, 100A pinnacle (each channel)

Transformer Toroidal Special Audio Use, 300 VA

Acquire Sensitivity 34 dB, 470 mV for 70 W/8 Ohm

Supply 230 VAC/50 Hz (100V AC or 115 VAC/50-60Hz in certain nations)

Dimensions (H) 75mm x (W) 430mm x (D) 350mm (barring footers and back associations)

Weight 15kg

Finishes Silver, Black

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