MartinLogan Motion 20i Floorstanding Speakers Review


As of late, MartinLogan refreshed a few models inside the Motion Series product offering, including three floorstanding models, the 60XTi, 40i, and 20i; two screen models, the 35XTi and 15i; two focus channels, the 50Xti and 30i; and a devoted encompass channel, the Motion FX. Updates to this setup included stylish refinements, alongside a few primary bureau upgrades, and changes to the mid and bass drivers.

On the off chance that every one of this sounds recognizable, this is on the grounds that Dylan Seeger did an intensive tryout of three speakers inside the patched up line back in January of this current year: the 20i, the 15i, and the 30i focus speaker, with an attention on both two-station music and films in a 5.1 encompass arrangement.

All the more as of late, MartinLogan sent me a couple of Motion 20i ($1,800/pair), the littlest floorstanding model of the setup, for a simply two-channel assessment, with elective gadgets, room, and ears, for extra understanding into this speaker all by itself.

MartinLogan is known for its honor winning electrostatic speaker innovation, yet the Motion 20i (alongside the remainder of the Motion Series) depends on the organization's Folded Motion tweeter, a minor departure from Oscar Heil's Air Motion Transformer. This tweeter gives the Motion Series something of an electrostatic trademark in its sound, however with a conventional speaker plan at a more reasonable sticker cost, and in the 20i, an exceptionally minimal bundle. The tweeter utilizes a "low mass stomach that crushes air." This plan has more surface region than a normal one-inch vault tweeter, requiring less development, which prompts an anticipated scattering design with super low mutilation. The utilization of this sort of tweeter isn't selective to MartinLogan, and you're logical acquainted with it from its utilization in speakers running the range from Dayton to GoldenEar, however MartinLogan has utilized (and developed) this plan for over 10 years now, and has made it its own.

As referenced over, the 20i is the littlest floorstanding speaker in the Motion Series setup, but on the other hand it's the littlest I have at any point had in my home for audit. At 36.6 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide, and 11.7 inches down, its bureau is truly minimal, permitting position where bigger speakers would not fit. Its little height additionally brings about captivating (and tastefully satisfying) extents. My significant other remarked, "how delightful," as though she were taking a gander at an infant. Maybe not exactly the response I was searching for, but rather as one can envision, my soul mate isn't partial to huge speakers in our home, and I think she was trusting these little pinnacles would supplant the Focal Kanta No. 2s situated close by.

My examples arrived in a stunning serious shine dark completion. Also when joined with their smooth aspects and stylish updates, for example, the brushed metal MartinLogan identification about a third way down its section, the 20is makes a generally chic appearance, permitting these small scale pinnacles to mix pleasantly in even the most formal of rooms. Matte white and genuine wood pecan facade completes are additionally accessible. Put-togetherness are fantastic, with immaculate cupboard quality, and other fine subtleties, for example, a front trim plate that covers the driver mounting equipment.


The Motion 20i is a 2.5-way back ported plan. Two 5.5-inch aluminum drivers, with one found promptly beneath the tweeter, perform both midrange and bass obligations. Conversely, the second unique driver, found lower in the bureau, handles bass just, with hybrid places of 500 and 2600Hz. These cone drivers were essential for the update, with an inward residue cap that reinforces the speaker cone, while the braced suspension further develops execution.

The 20i likewise profits by what's known as a Vojtko hybrid plan, named after the organization's main sound technologist, Joe Vojtko, which depends on custom-injury air center curls with great inductors and capacitors.

The Hookup

ML_motion-20i-binding_posts.jpgWithin my unobtrusively estimated devoted theater and listening room, I associated the 20i speaker framework to my Pass Labs XA60.8 Mono Block Amplifiers and XP12 Preamplifier. My hotspot for this stack is an Oppo BDP-105, which offers gushing from Tidal just as Blu-beam circle playback. All interconnects and speaker links are from WireWorld's Eclipse 8 product offering.

Appending the speaker links was a breeze because of the strong gold-plated restricting posts with curiously large screw-down handles. I for the most part battle to accomplish a tight association with bigger measure links. Nonetheless, these terminals permitted the right measure of size and force to get a great fit. Also there is a subsequent set considering a bi-wire or bi-amp setup.


Utilizing Tidal to stream through the Oppo BDP-105, I began by paying attention to certain top picks from Tracy Chapman's self-named collection. On the track "Quick Car," an amazing all encompassing picture projected from nine to three o'clock stretching out a long ways past the actual areas of the right and left speakers. The huge picture was undeniably more broad than I would have expected and was agreeably fulfilling. Forward imaging was perfect. I never experienced exhaustion during long listening meetings, nor did I wind up pushed once more into my seat or constrained to incline forward to make up for something lacking.

Higher frequencies had an exact quality, without being over-insightful. Chapman's voice took on a characteristic instantaneousness, adding to a reasonable show. An amazing measure of mid and upper bass weight and detail was clear on this track, adding to a general genuineness of a live presentation. I saw a gentle shortfall in picture profundity, contrasted with my present arrangement. So I associated the close by Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers, to test my perceptions. On a similar melody, picture profundity arrived at a touch further back when contrasted with the Motion 20i. Furthermore, the Kanta No. 2s introduced more bass and midrange, just as generally picture size, because of the considerably bigger by and large speaker bureau size (also their significantly more significant price tag)

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