Lexicon Lambda USB Audio Interface

 Not every PC has a FireWire interface or a PCI slot, and not everyone wants to get them. In this case, I suggest paying attention to the brand new Lexicon Lambda external sound card from the Lexicon Pro Corporation, which has been producing devices with an original design and non-standard layout of controls since ancient times.


It has just about everything you need to record and play back audio in a budget home studio, including a pair of phantom-powered mic inputs with the ability to connect external effects processors, as well as a Hi-Z input for recording a live instrument. Without exception, all inputs and outputs (except for headphones with a powerful amplifier) ​​are equipped with hardware signal level controls. The package includes the popular Steinberg Cubase LE software.

The device looks very unusual, I would even say cool. With this fact in mind, and also with a discount for the lack of a digital interface and support for the professional ASIO data transfer protocol, Lexicon Lambda will be an excellent "first" device for a young talent who, in addition to basic sound capabilities, is also interested in the spectacular appearance of a sound card.

Lexicon Lambda USB Audio Interface

  • Interface:  USB 2.0
  • Inputs:  2xXLR, 2x1/4" TRS, MIDI In, 2xInsert
  • Outputs:  2x1/4" TRS, 1x1/8" TRS, MIDI Out
  • DAC:  24 bit / 48 kHz
  • Purpose:  studio

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