Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric


Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric

The Kennerton Vali is the most well-known headphone in their range and has built a reputation over many years for excellent sound quality. It has received the most positive ratings from so many reviewers, critics and audiophiles, making it one of the favourites around the world. One of the reasons for its acclaimed performance is the special design of the inner cup surface which features four sound ‘labyrinth-traps’ that keep the various resonances and abnormal distortions below a minimum audible level.

But as technologies & methods improve over time, everything needs refreshing sooner or later. Kennerton are pleased to reveal the new version of Kennerton Vali – the Neoteric! The updated version delivers that same unique sound so loved by many with detail & clarity combined with powerful & punchy bass…..just on another level!

The same high-quality materials are used – steel, aluminium, genuine leather and precious wood. It’s the same heirloom build quality and reliability of construction however the new Kennerton Vali Neoteric exhibits a fresh design aesthetic, a more comfortable fit, an increased cushion size, less weight and an even higher level of sound quality.

One of the reasons audiophiles keep coming back to Kennerton is the sublime woodwork craftmanship that define the brand. The range of finishes and the attention to detail result in a real pride of ownership. If you can actually stop listening to them, the next challenge is to try to stop looking at them!

Known for their skill in crafting wood, Kennerton have gone an extra mile with the design and build of the Vali Neoteric. Carving, hand sanding, hand polishing, soaking in Italian wood oils & wax…..this is the opposite to an electronics corporation pumping out headphones on a robotic production line. This is boutique hand crafting with traditional techniques passed down through generations.

The Vali Neoteric deliver a lively, natural sound that finely strikes in the balance of neither being too dark and congested, nor overly bright and sharp. Its sound signature is wide and open, yet clear and powerful, befitting the best qualities from a dynamic headphone design. These are exceptional value for money and along with the closed-back Gjallarhorn, it is no wonder why these two models are Kennerton’s highest selling products.

If you are searching for an open-back headphone constructed from luxury materials by people who are considered to be the finest artisans in the headphone world, then look no further. If you want an emotionally engaging listening experience that transports you into the world of the artist, then look no further. In addition, if you want a headphone with genuine lineage and pedigree, then plug in a pair of Vali Neoteric, press play…..and see you on the other side.


Curly Maple

One set of Vali Neoteric headphones in the wood finish of your choice.

Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric

Comfortable Eco-Leather Case
Keep your headphones safe from damage and easily portable with a premium full-sized headphone case. The elegant exterior provides great protection from knocks and the outside environment and the soft internal lining keeps your headphones safe from scratching and damage.

The Heart of Vali

The Vali Neoteric is outfitted with interesting 50mm drivers utilizing super lightweight graphene-covered stomachs. They offer extraordinary affectability, while diminishing undesirable reverberation and twisting. Its sound execution is then painstakingly tuned by Kennerton's architects to guarantee that nothing falls beneath greatness. The driver highlights:

Low mass: Increases the reaction time to an approaching sign, while limiting the rot time. The outcome is a rich and enthusiastic sound.
High inward damping: Minimum, right around zero extra resonances delivered. The outcome is a smooth and striking show.
Outrageous firmness: Allows the cone to waver without twisting. The outcome is a much-diminished contortion.
The graphene-covered complex overlaid film further lessens the twisting by permitting the cone to move effectively in wonderful cylinder movement.
Kennerton Vali Driver
  • Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric

The Body of Vali Neoteric

The Body of Vali Neoteric

The materials chose for building the Vali Neoteric are unmistakable. The cups are produced using normally treated wood. Those excellent wood grains are supplemented by a solid yet lightweight construction made of aeronautics level aluminum and steel. To forestall any undesirable reverberation, the honeycomb grille is made of cast zinc composite which is acoustically idle.

Intended to lessen long listening weariness, Vali Neoteric has agreeable self-flexible headband, made of steel and real lambskin calfskin, and combined with enormous, delicate cowhide earpads to give a strong and agreeable fit. Top notch 2 meters OFC link with 4-Pin Balanced small XLR 3.5 mm Rhodium Plated connectors with OFC USSR-military use Litz wire further guarantees that reasonable, undistorted sound transmission from the earphones will be obediently conveyed.

Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric

The Manufacturing Process of the Kennerton Wooden Cups

All wood types utilized for making the earphones' get together and cups consistently go through numerous various cycles. Drying and covering strategies which have antibacterial substances are utilized, making the cups charming to take a gander at and safe against natural variables.

The wooden cups are created by explicit in-house created techniques. Factors, for example, wood types, grain, age and plan calculation all impact the sound and this information and experience is executed in these earphone plans.

The cups are made by 3D displaying constrained by accuracy hardware. The machines have the most elevated accessible exactness and repeatable handling quality.

Later the processing activity, the cups are sanded and cleaned manually.

Subsequent to sanding, the wood is covered by utilizing exceptional oils to shield it from stickiness and keep it from decaying.

The cups are handled with microwaves for quite some time to keep away from the crumbling of the oils.

The cups are covered by hot honey bee wax and dried in an extraordinary drying chamber for around 1.5 hours. Temperatures are set between 60 – 74 degrees centigrade relying upon the sort of wood.

Drying is trailed by the cups being cooled at room temperature for something like 6 hours.

The cups are ground for the subsequent time, hot wax is again applied, which is again trailed by drying the cups at similar temperatures for around 8 hours.

The end phase of the work incorporates exhaustive cleaning of the cup, laser etching of the logo and different components according to the plan. At times, patina shaping treatment is applied for an enriching finish that makes the surface look great.

Assuming that the customer lean towards a stain covering rather than a wax covering, we cover the item with three layers of eco-accommodating, super-solid polyurethane stain with middle of the road drying and cleaning of each layer. We utilize hands down awesome and most secure Italian materials, which are customarily utilized in rebuilding studios and in the production of instruments.

Note: Each pair of earphones is unique, and because of the idea of handwork, slight varieties in wood grain might happen

Kennerton Audio Vali Neoteric
Product Specification

Driver Graphene-covered complex compositeDriver Unit 50mmRecurrence Response 10 – 30,000 HzAffectability 100 dBImpedance 32 OhmMost extreme Input Power 500 mWLine length High quality 2m OFC link with 4-Pin Balanced smaller than expected XLR connectors and Gold Plated 6.3 TRS connectorWeight 490 g (without link)Warranty 3 Years. Adaptable (counsel Headphone Nirvana)

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