Kennerton Audio Gjallarhorn


Kennerton Audio Gjallarhorn

Kennerton Audio Gjallarhorn


Closed-Back Over-Ear Horn-Loaded Dynamic Driver Headphones


Horn stacked earphones are uncommon for one explanation – they require information, experience and craftsmanship that is moved by not very many fashioners however get them right, and… OMG! The main benefit of horn earphones is the capacity to foster a reasonable sound tension and with reference level elements from the primary milliwatts with insignificant bends. Their affectability not just implies that you don't need immense ability to drive them however more significantly the detail that the earphone removes from a moderate degree of force is remarkable.

The Kennerton Gjallarhorns repeat the most unpretentious melodic subtleties and most completely and precisely pass on the feelings of entertainers. The horn plan in the earphones makes an impression of essence and weight, gives remarkable miniature and large scale elements and a wide directional example in the level plane. High and medium frequencies played through a horn have something else altogether and straightforwardness. Low frequencies, duplicated through a horn, have a characteristic totality and power. The bass presentation of these earphones must be capable to be accepted.

The JM Edition is an adaptation of the Gjallarhorn earphones which has carried out the adjustments made by John Massaria, one of the principal proprietors of Gjallarhorns. Kennerton believed John's alterations to be deserving of a different model and afterward constructed the authority Kennerton studio adaptation of it. You can peruse top to bottom with regards to the alterations direct, from JM himself. The group at Kennerton named this model 'JM Edition' to respect his commitment.

One reason audiophiles continue to return to Kennerton is the heavenly woodwork craftsmanship that characterize the brand. The scope of completions and the tender loving care bring about a genuine pride of proprietorship. On the off chance that you can really quit paying attention to them, the following test is to attempt to quit taking a gander at them!

Known for their ability in creating wood, Kennerton have put in any amount of work with the plan and work of the Gjallarhorns. Cutting, hand sanding, hand finishing, absorbing Italian wood oils and wax… this is the inverse to a gadgets partnership siphoning out earphones on a mechanical creation line. This is store hand making with conventional methods went down through ages.

To say that the Gjallarhorns are extraordinary incentive for cash is an outrageous misrepresentation of reality. This is a genuine David that will have numerous Goliaths anxious. Alongside the open-back Vali Neoteric, it is no big surprise why these two models are Kennerton's most noteworthy selling items. Assuming you are looking for a shut back earphone developed from extravagance materials by individuals who are at the highest point of their field, then, at that point, look no further. Assuming you need a sound that is genuinely spellbinding and habit-forming, then, at that point, you have found your perfect partner in the Gjallarhorns.

Kennerton Audio Gjallarhorn


Sound News Silver Award
I will grant them with our Silver Award for an alternate perspective and for going out on a limb in delivering such an intriguing plan reasoning to the majority. There are a considerable amount of fair performing shut back earphones, however remarkable inside and out? Not a single one of them.

High Performing Graphene Membranes
Everything began with the advancement of another cutting edge material called "Graphene". Graphene is a two-layered sheet of carbon that is just a single particle thick! Its actual properties are really exceptional:

It is multiple times more grounded than steel
It has no inside obstruction
It is extraordinarily light
As of now the development of unadulterated graphene film is exceptionally difficult, tedious and can cost a fortune. Kennerton chose to make a mixture of Mylar and powdered Graphene applied by a unique warm technique. This strategy empowered them to essentially work on the attributes of the exemplary powerful driver, like the strength of the layer, its inflexibility and the retention of parasitic resonances.

This cutting edge film required the comparing inflexible "motor". Along these lines, they have outfitted the driver with a super light aluminum voice loop (CCAW), covered with an extremely dainty layer of copper to build its conductivity. The loop is set in real life by a strong magnet made of NdFeB composite, which in size and force of the attractive field is surpassing 3-4 times the magnets of comparative drivers from their rivals. These designing arrangements gave the speaker an exceptional unique reach, dazzling enumerating of sound, extremely low contortion, and brought the sound nature of the driver near the sound of planar-attractive innovation.

Over the previous years they had made a few promising earphone models dependent on these innovations and one of them was even delivered for one of their accomplices projects. In any case, it was distinctly through a great deal of exploration and experimentation that they had the option to get the sound quality to the boundaries that fit into the structure of Kennerton items.

The new driver is a pressure type framework – its film has a very delicate suspension and moreover depends on the flexibility of the air volume of the acoustic chamber, addressed by the headphone cup.

This is designed this way to bring down the thunderous recurrence of the elements and in like manner the profundity of recreated low frequencies. This element makes the driver incredibly receptive to even the smallest change in acoustic plan, its volume and filling. Also, the layer "heats up" (it enters the ostensible method of activity, disposes of inward anxieties, gets milder in spots of suspension bowing) for a significant long time – no less than 72 hours of work. For a total "disagreement" it normally takes as long as seven days of the all out functional time for the earphones to arrive at their sonic potential.

Kennerton had the option to accomplish high similarity both with howdy end frameworks and with low-end gadgets, while keeping a reliably undeniable degree of sound, restricted by the abilities of the source, rather than the actual earphones.

For the Kennerton Gjallarhorn, a steel headband with at least moving parts is utilized which implies greatest unwavering quality. Earphone cups made of valuable wood are wonderful and only lovely to contact, yet additionally carry warm and normal notes to the earphones, disposing of the nosy "plastic" suggestions of contenders' models. Lightweight plan, self-adjusting to the client's head and veritable cowhide ear pads give the most noteworthy solace to long haul tuning in.

Lambskin Leather Cushions

    • Soft ear cushions for maximum comfort.
  • The design places driver at optimum distance from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and musical coherence.

The Manufacturing Process of the Kennerton Wooden Cups

The plan places driver at ideal separation from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and melodic rationality.
Kennerton Ear Cushion
The Manufacturing Process of the Kennerton Wooden Cups
All wood types utilized for making the earphones' get together and cups consistently go through numerous various cycles. Drying and covering strategies which have antibacterial substances are utilized, making the cups wonderful to check out and safe against natural elements.
The wooden cups are created by explicit in-house created strategies. Factors, for example, wood types, grain, age and plan math all impact the sound and this information and experience is executed in these earphone plans.
The cups are fabricated by 3D demonstrating constrained by accuracy hardware. The machines have the most elevated accessible precision and repeatable handling quality.
Later the processing activity, the cups are sanded and cleaned manually.
In the wake of sanding, the wood is covered by utilizing exceptional oils to shield it from dampness and keep it from breaking down.
The cups are handled with microwaves for a long time to keep away from the weakening of the oils.
The cups are covered by hot honey bee wax and dried in a unique drying chamber for around 1.5 hours. Temperatures are set between 60 – 74 degrees centigrade relying upon the sort of wood.
Drying is trailed by the cups being cooled at room temperature for somewhere around 6 hours.
The cups are ground for the subsequent time, hot wax is again applied, which is again trailed by drying the cups at similar temperatures for around 8 hours.
The end phase of the work incorporates exhaustive cleaning of the cup, laser etching of the logo and different components according to the plan. Now and again, patina framing treatment is applied for an enlivening completion that makes the surface look awesome.
Assuming the customer lean towards a stain covering rather than a wax covering, we cover the item with three layers of eco-accommodating, super-solid polyurethane stain with transitional drying and cleaning of each layer. We utilize simply awesome and most secure Italian materials, which are customarily utilized in rebuilding studios and in the assembling of instruments.
Note: Each pair of earphones is stand-out, and because of the idea of handwork, slight varieties in wood grain might happen.

Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH50 Dusk

Product Specification

Driver Graphene-covered diverse composite
Driver Unit 50mm
Recurrence Response 10 – 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity 116 dB
Impedance 33 Ohm
Most extreme Input Power 250 mW
String length High quality 2m separable copper link produced using OFC wires ended with an excellent gold plated 6.3mm TRS connector
Weight 406 g (without link)
Warranty 3 Years. Adaptable (counsel Headphone Nirvana)

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