KEF Blade Speakers

  Presented in 2012, the KEF Blade was the result of five years of careful innovative work. Using PC helped plan, limited component examination, specially crafted programming for driver improvement, and true listening tests, KEF made one of the first, and most as of late accessible full-range point-source speaker frameworks. The Blade imparts to the greater part of the KEF product offering the concentric driver configuration called Uni-Q – a one-inch tweeter mounted inside a three-inch midrange driver. KEF likewise fuses a "Tangerine Waveguide" to help scattering of the midrange and higher frequencies. The Uni-Q encompass is inclined back to streamline sound waveform scattering. Two sets of side terminating woofers dwell above and beneath the front mounted Uni-Q driver. Each pair of woofers is mounted in its own cautious, inside apportioned chamber. There are two back ports, one for the upper pair of woofers, one for the lower.


From the outset, an audit of a seven-year-old speaker may appear to be strange. Basically, however, because of the proceeded with prevalence of the speakers, also the way that speakers don't age in an incredible same manner hardware do, we felt the Blade merited a focus on

The Hookup

Two arrangements of top notch WBT terminals situated on the rear of the bureau simply over the base plinth acknowledge both banana terminations just as fork terminals under screw-down posts. Having two arrangements of terminals takes into account bi-wiring, and if by some stroke of good luck a solitary arrangement of links are utilized, jumpers are manufacturing plant introduced to guarantee full-range execution. For this survey, I eliminated the production line introduced jumpers and utilized Nordost Valhalla 2 jumpers. KEF additionally supplies a footer unit that incorporates spikes for covering, just as level, felt-lined circles to be utilized with the spikes on hardwood, or any surface the client doesn't need scratched. Thumbwheel changes are utilized to mount the spikes to the plinth. I attempted both the processing plant provided footers, just as a bunch of IsoAcoustic Gaia I footers.

Since there are practically no level surfaces on the speaker, an advantageous round bubble level is mounted in the plinth at the rear of the speaker. This makes it extremely easy to see when the speaker is standing straight. I observed that changing the rake point forward around two degrees from entirely level truly secured in the general show. Driving the Blades was an Esoteric A02 completely adjusted, double mono sound system amp evaluated at 400 watts for every channel consistent result into 4 ohms, which is the speaker's functional impedance. Speaker links were Nordost Odin 2.


KEF_Blade_woofers.jpgKEF's objective was to not just make a full-range point-source speaker framework with the Blade, yet additionally one more lenient on the audience. Their plan was to work on off-pivot imaging so there was less reliance on the perfect balance. Sonically, the Blades do an extremely great work of conveying a persuading soundstage to the perfect balance audience as well as somebody sitting to the left or right. An appropriately acoustically treated sound room could additionally improve the off-hub show. I observed that exact miniature changes in accordance with the side dividers and front divider immeasurably worked on the sonic person. Instruments appeared to drift in their own space and there was a genuine feeling of a dark foundation for every one. While toe-in is suggested, I found previous toe-in extended the soundstage and worked on the imaging. Normally, this is very room subordinate.

Mounted unbendingly one after the other, the two sets of woofers exploit a touch of Newtonian material science – every woofer really counteracts the vibrations of the other, leaving an exceptionally unbiased, latent cupboard. Play music as uproariously as you like, place your hand anyplace on the bureau, and you feel, indeed, nothing, notwithstanding the speakers low-recurrence reaction of 28 Hz (- 6 dB).

Musically, the Blades can be exceptionally uncovering. In "Moving In The Deep" from Adele's collection 21, there is an exceptionally weak male voice that can be heard in the initial five seconds of the track. I have heard this melody various occasions on a significant number frameworks and I can review not many events when that degree of detail on that piece of the tune was perceptible. As the tune advances, a noticeable change in the unique reach is obviously apparent and goes back and forth all through the tune. The depiction of the bass line was tight, strong, and extremely clear. As is normal with these speakers, imaging is pinpoint with the foundation artists unmistakably imaged to the left of the soundstage and drums imaged in the center and to the right. Adele is unequivocally in the middle

Comparison and Competition

At a retail cost of $32,000 per pair, The Blade has a lot of rivalry from which to pick. While somewhat more costly at $39,999, the Focal Scala Utopia EVO is an exceptionally close contender. Like KEF, Focal forms their own drivers and uses demonstrated innovations like their beryllium tweeter, their "W" woofer design, and a tuned mass damper suspension. Both are very much planned speaker frameworks.

Another speaker likewise with side terminating woofers are the Vivid Gaya speaker arrangement. Pricewise, the Gaya G4 is nearest to the cost of The Blades at $30,000 per pair. I have heard the Gaya line of speakers on various events and can validate their sonic person helps me to remember what I hear from the Blades. additionally audited the Vivid Audio Kaya 90 floorstanding speaker, which can be seen as here.

Be that as it may, I consider The Blades to be competently fighting at a surprisingly high level class. I've heard $60,000 speaker frameworks I didn't think sounded any better. Truth be told, I suspect had KEF initially set the rundown value two times however much it is, I figure they would have still been a famous speaker.

The Downside

Musically, there is a ton to adore about The Blade. Nonetheless, removing that musicality requires the utilization of a more powerful amp. I would not take a stab at matching them with a 12-watt SET cylinder amp. They additionally truly sparkle with hyper-exact distances to limit dividers. In my arrangement, I was something like a millimeter of distinction somewhere far off between the two speakers comparative with the side and the front dividers. This is something baffling to achieve in light of the fact that there are practically no level surfaces on the bureau, accordingly making exact estimations troublesome. KEF gauged managing inward acoustic issues against outward style and of course, inside vibrations won. Thusly, a more troublesome arrangement is the outcome. My other wish would be a superior and more adjacent way to deal with dynamic linearity, or equivalent elements from the most elevated note to the least.


By any action, The KEF Blade is a sonic masterpiece. It is an exceptionally melodic speaker framework and one that pictures like not many other D'Appolito frameworks can or do. The Tangerine waveguide guarantees a wide scattering of the sign and works on off hub imaging – accordingly making bunch listening more pleasant. The two sets of woofers mounted consecutive in a power dropping design give profound, spotless, exact bass reaction. While they are not expected for a spending plan sound framework, when matched with moreover quality hardware and cabling, the KEF Blades are an enormous speaker framework with chose an incentive for an upper-level audiophile framework.

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