The CSA100 Integrated Amplifier is a new model of Copland that combines the advantages of tube and transistor amplification, and builds on the technical solutions that have already made Copland hybrid amplifiers widely known. 

The amplification circuitry of the CSA100 consists of a dual triode tube preamplifier and 2 x 100W solid state output stages with current feedback. The tube is also responsible for amplifying the CSA100's line-out and the efficiency of using a single tube in this way is amazing. The double triode operates at high voltage for maximum linearity, only worrying about voltage gain. MOS-FET circuits drive the line output and feedback circuitry, thus providing a reliable match between the voltage-dominated tube universe and the current-dominated semiconductor world. 

 If you are looking for the nice warm tinted sound of old tube designs look elsewhere - the CSA100 line-out is designed for monitoring. In this application, the tube provides life, volume and dynamics that are difficult to find in amplifiers that rely only on semiconductor solutions. For vinyl enthusiasts, the CSA100 offers a RIAA input for MM cartridges. 

The amplifier also has an excellent DAC215 digital-to-analog converter (if purchased separately 192,000 rubles) in pure class “A” with multiple S / PDIF inputs, understanding PCM and DSD 526 formats, and built on an ESS Saber ES9018 chip in a quad-mono configuration ( i.e. 8 mono channels are eventually converted to 2 stereo).



  • Output power: 2 * 100 W into an 8 ohm load, 2 * 180 W into a 4 ohm load. 
  • Load impedance: 2 ohm (minimum) 
  • Analog inputs: 1 * balanced (XLR), 3 * RCA 
  • Digital inputs: 1 * coaxial S / PDIF, 2 * optical S / PDIF, 1 * USB, 1 * aptX HD Bluetooth (optional) 
  • Line-out: 1 * RCA, 1 * Pre-out / Adjustable (RCA) 
  • Line input impedance: 50 kOhm 
  • Phono Input Impedance: 47 kΩ (MM) 
  • Phono Input Capacitance: 200pF 
  • Line input sensitivity: 250 mV 
  • Phono Input Sensitivity: 2.6mV 
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 150 kHz / -3 dB THD: <0.06% 
  • Signal to noise ratio:> 90dB 
  • Gain (headphone amp): 22dB into 100 ohm load 
  • Output impedance (headphone amplifier): 40 ohms 
  • THD (headphone amplifier): <0.05% 
  • Frequency Response (Headphone Amplifier): 10 Hz - 150 kHz / -3 dB 
  • Bulbs: 1pc 6922 
  • Power consumption: Max. 700W Dimensions (mm): 435mm (W) x 135mm (H) x 370mm (D) Weight (packaged): 14kg

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