Fischer & Fischer SN70


Fischer & Fischer SN70

Fischer & Fischer SN70

AUD $4,990.00

2-Way Single Wired Stand Mount Loudspeaker


An amplifier bureau plays out various essential capacities. Beside lodging the drive units, the bureau needs to vibrate as little as conceivable in light of the fact that vibration collaborates with the frequencies created by the drivers, frequently draining the amplifier of energy. The vibrations made by cupboards frequently add colourations and mutilations the sound. To this end some very good quality amplifier producers go to extraordinary work to design inside supporting advances or investigation with various materials to diminish the impact of bureau resonances. Building amplifiers with regular record cupboards is an exceptionally legitimate arrangement. Because of its flaky, layered construction, its immaterial re-sounding or re-repeating characteristics and its very high mass, the material flaunts remarkable acoustic properties. In record cupboards, the whole energy of the amplifier is accessible to impel the encompassing air.

The upgrades that this methodology makes to the sound quality is huge. Specifically, the elements and coherency of the sonic picture is improved and the bass reaction is cleaner, more lucid and tuneful. The energy equilibrium of normal record isn't just unrivaled in the bass reach. In the high recurrence range, the super mass reactance of the material guarantees that the layers vibrating because of sound amplitudes are not balanced by reverberating confuses. This element produces a music devotion basically more extravagant in subtleties and more meticulously than expected.

        There are tasteful advantages as well. Utilizing record makes it conceivable to make the cupboards more modest so the amplifiers can squeeze into reasonably measured living spaces and the record has an exquisite, superior grade, ageless stylish which gives it a genuine top of the line speaker presence.

        The Fischer and Fischer SN70 is a rich conservative stand mount amplifier which makes heads spin. The record bureau and progressed driver innovation produce a sound quality past what is viewed as typical for speakers at this level. It is great for more modest rooms, for spaces where a bigger speaker isn't reasonable or for music lovers who are basically scaling down their frameworks yet at the same time need to keep up with undeniable degrees of value.

        When searching for a stand mount speaker at this level, we are frequently given decisions which comprise for the most part of intensely advertised brand names offering modest conventional drive units in MDF boxes, made in minimal expense work areas, introduced in appealing gets done with shiny indexes and exceptional value offers. This speaker is an altogether different recommendation. It is made in Germany from an unadulterated record bureau by master craftmanship strategies, utilizing impeccably paired top notch drivers and is intended to be the best portrayal of this sort of speaker. Class driving pace joined with a lovely, rich apparent quality lifts the SN70 from the really normal overhyped, in any case uninspiring plans.

        During a time of over the top industrialism and item publicity, Fischer and Fischer address pride of proprietorship and life span. And keeping in mind that the SN70 epitomizes this way of thinking, it is roused by the energy and love for music.
        Item Specification
        Recurrence reaction (+/ - 3 dB) 45 – 25,000 Hz
        Impedance 4 ohms
        Sensitivity 86 dB (1 W/1 m)
        Max. Acoustic Pressure 105 dB
        Hybrid network 2nd request impedance adjusted channel
        Plan Principle Bass Reflex
        Bass and Midrange System 145mm Alloy Cone, Specially Coated Long Excursion Cone Driver
        Midrange and high pitch system 28mm Dome Tweeter
        Cabinet 15-20mm low-reverberation thick normal record plates
        SN – Natural surface
        SL – Polished and lacquered in all RAL and accessible vehicle tones
        Aspects (H x W x D) 330 x 190 x 250 mm
        Weight 17.5 kg
        Speaker Stand Black or silver anodised, sand filled aluminum tube, tallness: 69 mm including floor plate, weight 11kg with monstrous record floor plate (234 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm), flexible.
        Warranty 10 years

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