EMMESpeakers DA VINCI overview

 Da Vinci technical insights

This is the EMMESpeakers The DA VINCI expounded Technical Overview; How the System works.

The undertaking DA VINCI has addressed another challenger for our Company, with the desire

 to make an inventive acoustic plan encased in a progressive shape, directed by our

 regular and shameless assurance to investigate new specialized courses coordinated with "breaking"

EMMESpeakers DA VINCI loudspeakers technical overview

The project requirements were:

1) Full reach reduced shelf amplifier

2) High power dealing with

3) Sealed box

4) BSSE System (Box Shape for sound upgrade) by EMMESpeakers

5) High end sound multiplication

Those base necessities brought us soon to plan another idea of three-ways design, in which the Woofer has been situated on the back puzzle.

That arrangement, that in the principal look may seems extravagant and without a sense, offers somewhere around two benefits:

- Shift the customary vertical improvement to one top to bottom (req #1).

- Keep the acoustic place in a limited vertical region, all around the recurrence !range (req #5).

As it's apparent in the image beneath, the acoustic place moves just of 120 millimeters, between

 the Midwoofer and Tweeter, very much like a Two-ways framework however the DA VINCI is a Three-ways.

 That implies at the listening distance of 2.5 meters, the acoustic place moves under 3°

 degrees, exceptionally near a point source, with obvious benefits as far as soundstage largeness, steadiness and centralization. An extraordinary outcome for a Three-ways amplifier.

EMMESpeakers DA VINCI loudspeakers technical overview

Drivers choice:

The confining venture necessities, and the surprising woofer situating, put us in a long stage

 of looking and testing of appropriate drivers.

The picking has fallen on 1,2" Tweeter and 5" Midwoofer by Accuton, the most current CELL fired

series, because of their extraordinary sound execution (wide data transfer capacity, very low

 contortions, low stacking volume needed by the Midwoofer) (req #5), and the 10" Aluminum

 Woofer by SB Acoutics, thanks its shallow profundity and, even for this situation, low stacking volume

 necessity. also high power taking care of .

Bureau building and molding:

EMMESpeakers DA VINCI loudspeakers technical overview

Dedicated to our customary technique in bureau development, by machine made MDF layers, che

 decision has fallen soon in a shape as nearer as a cylinder, the more inflexible strong accessible.

It ensures durability, no inward resonances and of the actual bureau.

The front confound, in dark anodized aluminum with 25mm of thickness, gets from Beta and

 Gamma EMMESpeakers' amplifiers the BSSE System, wherein its shape and aspects

 are intended to "synchronize" the edge diffractions with the direct


To meet the req#1, the amplifier sizes has been restricted however much as could be expected, so the limiting

 posts have tracked down place on the lower part of the bureau

A topsy-turvy construction of anodized aluminum and hardened steel AISI 304 backings the

 speaker. On account of the adjusted thicknesses and shapes, it has a customized consistence

 with self-evening out capacity and vibrations damping.

Acoustic format and hybrid plan:

The DA VINCI, as said, has a three-ways design. As normal for EMMESpeakers, it gets over at exceptionally low frequencies with high orders of slant.

That to get exceptionally steady brilliant flaps and the most elevated detail in strong multiplication.

Investigating the organization drawing it shows up very complicated. All things considered the BSSE framework

 intercedes in the drivers' radiations, setting them up to the hybrids and making the organization

 less difficult than it ought to be without the BSSE framework itself.

The development of the hybrid sheets are made by Mundorf utilizing solely Mundorf

 parts, as per severe quality controls.

The EMMEStand:

An amplifier with a such creative plan like the DA VINCI, has required the investigation of a

 devoted stand ready to join attractive and work.

Indeed the EMMESpeakers technique for assembling, by MDF layers, has addressed

 the best arrangement, leaving us the more extensive opportunity in forming and plan.

The end-product is a strong and adaptable devoted remain, with a straightforward however delightful plan.

Four circles of tempered steel AISI 204 proposition the help focuses for the DA VINCI spikes,

 ensuring solidness and vibrations damping. With a base completion in dark matte and finished

 paint, yet ever accessible in all EMMESpeakers gets done, it offers a simple introducing in any homegrown setting.

EMMESpeakers DA VINCI loudspeakers technical overview

Technical data:

High pitch Unit: 1,2-30mm Accuton Cell Ceramic Driver Mid-Bass Unit: 5"- 124mm Accuton Cell Ceramic Driver Bass Unit: 10"- 290 mm SB Acoustic Aluminum Driver Power taking care of: 200 watts

Nomina Impedance: 6 Ohm

Affectability: 84 db

Recurrence reaction: 30-40k Hz

Aspects (hwd): 420x307,5x 300mm

Net weight each: 18,6 kg

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