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2.5-Way Floor Standing Speaker

Classifications: Borresen, Speakers - Floor StandingDepictionThe BØRRESEN Z2 speaker is a 2.5-way floor standing speaker that unfurls its reasonable and refined musicality without any difficulty. An unmistakable and undistorted unique sound presentation coming to from the upper pitches to the lower bass confer any music with an extraordinary legitimacy. Because of their super low impedance drivers, BØRRESEN speakers are eminent for communicating the best subtleties and the Z2 is a fine illustration of the advantages of this innovation.
The rule that directed the advancement of the Z-series amplifiers was to give a solid top of the line sound execution with more regular parts than the 0-series. The innovation behind the Z2 series comprises of electronic parts that are either taken on from the 0-series, totally upgraded, or are inventive side projects coming about because of BØRRESEN Acoustics' broad sound examination exercises.
The TweeterThe shut lace tweeter is a completely new specialized turn of events. Elaborate limited component techniques have been applied to linearise and enhance the attractive motion field, to work with driver development and to guarantee high proficiency and exceptional linearity. The effectiveness of this BØRRESEN planar strip tweeter adds up to an outstanding 94dB and works from around 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is incredibly low at 0.01 grams. The completely disguised tweeter has the ability to work at a unimaginable speed, which is an outright essential to opening the most unobtrusive and refined sound subtleties of any sort of music. The tremendous vigor of this tweeter permits it to deal with very high transient tops with no ear exhausting separations. No transformers are being utilized.


The Membrane

The BØRRESEN film comprises of a composite of two layers of extremely flimsy carbon on the two sides of a 4 mm Nomex honeycomb center. This composite design (like the one utilized in Formula 1 dashing vehicles) gives a definitive mix of solidness to weight proportion. The particularly low weight of just 5.5 grams permits an extremely high speed increase factor in the driver, bringing about both extraordinary goal and higher effectiveness.

Borresen Z2

The Bass/Midrange Magnet System

The magnet framework in the Z-series is a pristine development. With the creation of the protected without iron driver framework in the 0-series, BØRRESEN Acoustics came to understand that it is feasible to lessen acceptance to an astounding 0.04mH, which is multiple times lower than that of normal driver frameworks. The test for assembling the new Z-series was currently to plan a new, however less expensive driver framework with fundamentally diminished acceptance. Thus, BØRRESEN Acoustics fostered a driver with a 8mm voice loop and an acceptance of just 0.06mH. By linearising the attractive field, the driver is less impacted by the real development and is all the more effectively constrained by the speaker.


The Crossover

The Z-series is fitted with an equal hybrid design utilizing similar select parts from the 0-series. This guarantees a precisely steady hybrid, which limits its own reverberation.


Feet / Prepared for Ansuz Darkz Resonance Control

The customizable feet of the ground cross plate are intended to be set on Darkz reverberation control isolated by 3 titanium balls. Ansuz Darkz have been intended to guarantee an unmistakably better mechanical establishing to the floor.


Design & Layout

The plan and design of the Z2 and Z3 models are side projects from the improvement of the 0-series. These speakers are outfitted with the enormous 8" inch bass drivers put nearer to the floor. Since the speakers are currently acoustically much better coordinated into the room, the bass drivers can convey the music with an astoundingly profound and tight bass.
Borresen Z2

Versions and Pricing

The Z2 comes in two forms – Standard and Cryo.

The standard form is AUD 26,590 and the Cryo rendition is AUD 33,200.

The Cryogenic treatment of the speakers' metal parts brings about a further improvement of conductivity, releasing best and most inconspicuous melodic subtleties. At the point when metal parts go through cryogenic handling, they are exposed to outrageous cooling. Directly following this interaction, the precious stone construction of the metal agreements to an ever increasing extent. Alloying components are pushed out of the grain design of the metal, which presently turns out to be basically the same as a monocrystal. These underlying changes in the metal profoundly affect its sound properties, bringing about an increment of conductivity. The outcome is in a real sense opening up another element of melodic execution – a sound that is perfectly clear, genuinely normal and incredibly refined.

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