The BP9080x tower speaker is your solution for exceptional, vivid, room-filling sound so you can encounter everything about unadulterated home theater. Forward Focused Bipolar Array grows your room's whole soundstage. Aluminum vault tweeters, superior execution drivers, coordinated fueled subwoofer and Intelligent Bass Control let you hear and feel each note as the craftsman expects. Two-way coordinated Dolby Atmos/DTS:X stature module let you investigate genuine complex sound. Immortal, moderate plan. This is what fixation seems like.

Superior execution Bipolar pinnacle speaker: 16 Hz - 40 kHz
Strong, Forward-Focused Bipolar speaker exhibit for wide and vivid sound scattering

Coordinated 12" controlled subwoofer and double bass radiators

Insightful Bass Control offers upgraded bass while keeping up with generally apparent equilibrium

Dolby Atmos/DTS:X incorporated stature speaker module for multi-faceted sound

Notable and outwardly strong plan highlights machined, airplane level aluminum development

Absolutely dormant, reverberation free bureau structure

(2) 1"aluminum vault tweeters for completely clear highs

(3) 5.25"mid-territory drivers with protected Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) innovation

(1) 12" woofer and (2) 12" bass radiators

Height Module Driver Complement: (1) 5.25" driver; (1) 1" aluminum vault tweeter

Protected Forward-Focused Bipolar Array (FFBP)

Forward Focused Bipolar Array offers a definitive harmony between room-filling sound and an exact focus picture, while giving you all out arrangement adaptability.

Incorporated 12" Powered Subwoofer and Dual Bass Radiators

The best amplifier is one that duplicates balance between the most noteworthy highs down to ground-shaking lows as precisely as could really be expected. Our incorporated fueled subwoofer coordinated with its individual bass radiator offers further, more effective bass from the pinnacle speaker without the need to add a different subwoofer.

Savvy Bass Control

Smart Bass Control™ is our most recent progression that enables you to regulate profound bass up or down in level while at the same time keeping up with mid-range apparent equilibrium.

Dolby Atmos Certified &DTS:X Compatible

We've coordinated a consistent two-way stature speaker module inside the highest point of the BP9080x so you can hear and feel complex sound (requires a Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-empowered beneficiary and Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-encoded source material).

Aluminum Dome Tweeters

Perfectly clear highs rejuvenate the most requesting sound. Our tweeters play higher in recurrence than what is heard by the human ear, making a genuine proliferation of sound as the craftsman plans in the studio or show corridor.

BDSS - Balanced Double Surround System

Further develops driver journey which brings about the chose driver delivering bass result generally connected with a bigger driver, while holding the better scattering and midrange meaning of a more modest driver.

Acoustically Transparent Grille

Partake in the unobtrusive tastefulness of the speaker plan without eliminating a speaker grille to appreciate normal, uncolored sound.

Absolutely Inert, Resonance-Free Cabinet

Most extreme inflexibility with decisively positioned propping further develops imaging while at the same time lessening reverberation, further building up our perfect and strong sound.

Cast Aluminum Base with Spikes and Floor Glides

The wide impression expands in general dependability of the pinnacle speaker, while the expansion of spikes or floor floats assist with keeping your speakers immovably set up whether on cover or other strong floor surfaces like hardwood or concrete.

Moderate Design, Timeless Appeal

Strong moderate tasteful with accuracy machined parts makes a complex hope to supplement the most recognized home theater. The sharp lines of the BP9000 Series additionally reverberation its exact sonic mark.

Driven Backlit Definitive Technology Logo

To feature the incorporated fueled subwoofer and show that your speaker is getting a sign, we've added a LED logo at its base front board. Turn it on or off at your recreation and furthermore note that it will consequently switch off/backup following 20 minutes of no dynamic sign.


Internal Amplifier

Power 455 watts

Driver Complement

System Array

Front Firing Array (2) 5.25" 

Rear Firing Array (1) 5.25" 

Tweeter/Mid Array

Front Firing Array (1) 1" aluminum dome 

Rear Firing Array (1) 1" aluminum dome 


Diameter 12" (30.48cm) 

Bass Radiator


Diameter 12" (30.48cm) 


Maximum Sensitivity

Super Tower 92 dB

Total Frequency Response

Overall 16Hz-40kHz  

Nominal Impedance

Compatible with 8 ohm


Cabinet Dimensions

Height 50 1/2" (128.27cm) 

Height with Base 51 1/2" (130.81cm) 

Width 7" (17.78cm) 

Width with Base 12" (30.5 cm) 

Depth 16" (40.64cm) 

Depth with Base 16" (40.64cm) 


Shipping Weight

One per Carton 62 lbs

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